Netflix Introduces MindFlix to Browse Netflix With Brain Control

NetFlix MindFlix

Netflix Introduces MindFlix to Browse Netflix With Brain Control, with this Mindflix you can easily browse Netflix just by your mind.

Netflix seems now a day is very popular that it was rendering you immobile on your couch, and it is reportedly considering the production of mind reading device called MindFlix, that can let you browse the platform catalog through your mind control.

That mean you do not move from your place for controlling your device, by just thinking you can control your device. It seems fantastic. So, you don’t need any remote controlling device, nor you need to give pain to your hands.

You have merely to think about a title, and Netflix will rapidly present you with it, you can also reflect on the play or pause the video and that particular video streaming or stop according to your mind control.

NetFlix Device MindFlix is Based On Muse Headband

This mind controlling device called as MindFlix, Which introduced very first time on Jan 30 via a company In a Hack Day Winter 2017 event. The concept is based on Muse headband, that can pick up the brainwaves of its wearer. This device is mainly made as a tool to learn meditation and ’mindfulness.’

According to muse said “The brain sensing headband can elevate your meditation practice by guiding you through real-time audio feedback based on the state of your mind. Meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety as well as it helps to improve focus, performance, and quality of life. “

Muse is the very first tool in the world that tells you accurate position of your brain about it is active or calm. During meditation, if your mind finds positive than it guides you through Muse earphones to keep quiet your mind. It also provides you with personalized tracking, some amazing motivational challenges completion and appreciates you for regularity. After using Muse, you will feel relax, happy and reduced stress.

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Muse is better than other brain fitness tools in the way; most brain fitness tools focus on the attention, concentration, memory using sometimes restricted games and some exercises to enhance the performance of your brain. While Muse integrates the emotional and intellectual for maximum effect. Other brain fitness apps score you at the end without suggesting you to how to improve the next level. But Muse app aware you quickly and guide you to achieve meditation state.

Netflix developers say on the blog “While we are excited about the creativity and through putting into these hacks, they may never become part of the Netflix product, internet infrastructure, or otherwise be used beyond Hack Day.”

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