Nest Releases Two-Factor Authentication to Prevent Hackers Accessing Your Camera Feeds

nest two factor

You can now start the feature under Account Security in the Nest App.

Nest has finally released it’s two- factor authentication to stop hackers from obtaining your camera feeds and any other personal information. Nest has declared the introduction of this two-factor authentication into its smartphone applications for iOS and Android Devices, which will help in providing and supporting the users from interference into a user’s Nest Account.

You can now start the feature under Account Security in the Nest App. If you do so, then you will be provided with a verification code through text every time you log into your account. You just need to take a note that you will be kicked out and will again need to sign in, just right after you switch the feature on.

Evidently, in early 2016, Princeton researchers found that Nest thermostats escaped customer zip codes on the internet, though the company quickly repaired the flaws. Even the other security researchers showed that attackers could use NEST as an entry point to achieve control of your home.

nest two factor

Text- based two- factor authentication is not precisely the best or the most secure option, as the most tenacious attackers could easily hijack your SMS. Hence, it adds a layer of protection on the top of your (strongest one) password.

To operate this two-factor authentication, users can search toggle menu in the Account Security settings from the official site of NEST APP. After this, there will be a 2-step verification is searched on, users just need to sign in again by typing their e-mail id and password.

Hence, this authentication makes the process more secure one by providing a verification code which has to be approved device or system, which must be entered by the company owners to gain entry to their products.

So, let us know what is going in your mind regarding this new update which will finally introduce some security for your data.

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