NASA Releases Software Catalog Consisting Free & Open Source Software for Download

Nasa Software catalog

Here’s How to get the free software tools released by NASA!

On its third release, NASA has introduced its 2017-2018 catalog. And the software offering comes in both hard copy and offline format. NASA’s software catalog was first introduced in April 2014.

The NASA software catalog is the first open source and all access listing that lists all software, by a government agency. Anybody can access it without and royalty or access fees. The question that pops here is that how could software uploaded by NASA, a space agency, be of any use to us earthlings? However, that is not the case.

NASA states that the tools that it has released freely can be put to a variety of users such as professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, industry, and academia. These tools can be used to create jobs, earn revenue and even save lives.

Software plays a significant role in many of NASA inventions and discoveries. Over 30% of NASA’s inventions are software. By releasing the software catalog, NASA wishes to share its inventions with the world hoping to see the software put to an innovative use.

Nasa Software catlog

Some of the modern tools of software catalog listed by NASA are as follows:

Worldview Satellite Imagery Browsing and Downloading Tool
Global Planetary Reference Models
NASA Root Cause Analysis Tool
JPL’s Stereo Vision Software Suite
Video Image Stabilization and Registration
What’s Up at Wallops (Android and iOS)
Lossless Hyper-/Multi-Spectral Data Compression Software

How to get the free software tools released by NASA:

The tools released by NASA are open sourced and be accessed by anyone. They have been introduced under NASA’s technology transfer program. The complete list of NASA’s tools is given HERE.

They can be downloaded by visiting this link.

Let us know in the comments which tool impressed you the most.

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