Most Powerful Women Technologists Around The World in 2017

Sheryl Sandberg

The Chief Operating Officer behind your favorite social network, Facebook, is also a woman.

Women have different roles in life. In the past, women commonly served as wives and homemakers, bear and raise children, perform domestic tasks such as cleaning the house, cooking, doing the laundry and the like. They were not allowed to work outside the house like what their husbands did. In fact in some countries, it was illegal for them to even find a job outside their home without their husband’s approval.

But time has changed and women now have different roles. Women can now explore a different line of industries outside their homes in order to earn wages that could help with their finances while still taking care of their families. They have been given other opportunities in life that enable them to show the whole world what they are also capable of doing what men are capable of doing.

Women can now vote or even run for the highest position to lead a country. In fact, some other countries are currently being led by elected and appointed women. To name a few, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany has been in office since November 22, 2005. Korea’s President Park Geun-Hye has been elected since February 25, 2013, and Catherine Samba-Panza has been appointed as President of Central African Republic since January 23, 2014.

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Although women have already proven what they can perform or accomplish, there are still other fields or industries with a small number of female workforce, like in the area of technology. According to studies and research, the common reasons why there are not many women in tech are because of gender stereotypes, work-culture problem, and favoritism.

However, even if the technology is widely known to be governed by men, there are still women who worked hard to fulfill their dreams and are now making high waves in the tech world. You must have heard of Melinda Gates. Yes, she is the wife of Bill Gates, co-founder of the world’s largest PC software company. She is not just a wife to him but also a business partner. Her help with their foundation has produced more than US$37 million in donations to different causes like education and health.

The Chief Operating Officer behind your favorite social network, Facebook, is also a woman. Her name is Sheryl Sandberg. Her leadership has helped the company obtain the best achievement income of US$3.69 billion last year. She is also the founder of Lean in Foundation, a foundation built to help women reach or achieve their ambitions.

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The infographic we have devised below will show you the names of the most powerful women in the world of technology today. These strong women are supposed to be looked up to as role models especially for those aspiring women who are facing different challenges and obstacles in fulfilling their ambitions, may it be in the world of tech or other industries. Men and women are created equal, and their combined influence will benefit the worldwide economy.

Savor the visual below and be inspired.

The World’s Most Powerful Women In Tech 2016

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Most Powerful Women Technologists Around The World in 2017
Most Powerful Women Technologists Around The World in 2017
Most Powerful Women Technologists Around The World in 2017 along with the best female CEO in the world and leading women in tech around the world
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