MIT built a New Concept Robot That Can Catch Fish in the water

MIT just built a new concept robot that can catch live fish and even can release them in the water and the New robot built by MIT is built with hydrogel.

MIT just built a new concept robot that can catch live fish and even can release them in the water. As reported by Techcrunch, MIT’s new robot looks exactly like claw machines found at the arcade but instead of the metal they used a clear membranous substance. Also, the live fish will be picked by the MIT new Robot instead of minion dolls, but the rest of the features are quite similar.

This MIT new robot is made of an extremely pliable material from the hydrogel which consists of water and formed a typical structure with the help of laser cutting and 3D printing. The Gel based robot by MIT once pumped water will curl and stretch its hand which will be helping in catching fishes around.

With this stretching and curling process, the researchers finally can find a goldfish without any harm to fish and also released it successfully in the water using Robots opening and closing hands.

The Team designed the new gel robot states that they used the fish grabbing Bot but the material will play with human tissue and could be useful in surgical applications in the future.

As said by the lead researcher Xuanhe Zhao, “Hydrogels are soft, wet, biocompatible, and can form more friendly interfaces with human organs. “We are actively collaborating with medical teams to translate this technique into soft manipulators like colloidal gel ‘hands,’ that may probably apply additional light manipulations to tissues and organs within surgical operations.

The transparent fish robot was created with funds from the workplace of naval research, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies and also the National Science Foundation.

By this robot its a great contribution in the field of robotics by MIT to inspired a lot of students and soon this projects will be available open to research more by the students working in robotics and biology there in the institution as stated in the report by the lead researcher.

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