Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’s Director of Technical Arts Discuss 4K & HDR on Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft has confirmed as marketing partner for the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

It has been confirmed by Microsoft that it is the marketing partner of the Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The game’s director also talked about Xbox Scorpio hardware.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor’s sequel by Monolith was officially announced last week, and a gameplay walkthrough was released by publisher Warner Bros. yesterday. The walkthrough introduced us to the next chapter in the Nemesis System. In the walkthrough, Talion can be seen attacking a fortress in the mountain valley of Seregost.

The title ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’ is the first officially confirmed title of the Microsoft’s Scorpio project. The company’s head of Xbox marketing confirmed on Twitter yesterday that, Microsoft will be the marketing partner of Middle Earth sequel.

“Yes we are the marketing partner for this title, so look for a lot of @Xbox /Scorpio branding & #XboxPlayAnywhere”, Greenberg said.

Based on all that we know as of now, the game looks riveting. Monolith’s technical art director, Matt Allen also said that the game is looking great. Allen talked about the Xbox Scorpio hardware, in an interview with TechRadar,

“So far, we like it,” Allen told TechRadar. “I don’t know how much they’ve revealed the specs, but it is an upgrade. It’s not just sort-of, ‘We’re going to upgrade some stuff.’ There are things you can do with it. So, we’re pretty excited to be working with them specifically.”

Allen gave special emphasis to the fact that he likes how the game looks on HDR and 4K on Microsoft Scorpio project.

“HDR,” he immediately offers. “Until you’ve seen the game at 4K and HDR, it’s different … you can watch it [in HDR] for a while, and after seeing it for a couple of months, you normalize it. Then you go back to not looking at it [HDR], and it is different.”

“I don’t know how much consumer uptick is going to be of 4K HDR TVs, but we’ve got a couple, and the game looks fantastic,” Allen adds. “For me, I’m excited about showing it off at some point. Hopefully, shortly, we can show that off.”


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