Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud Release May Kill Chrome OS as an Alternative

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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Cloud Release May Kill Chrome OS as an Alternative, Also Chrome OS as a big competition this with the Windows10 cloud.

It has been a constant effort of Microsoft to keep personal computer makers away from Chrome OS for years and the users away from Apples iPad’s alternatives. Windows RT failed hugely at going mainstream, and Windows 8.1 with Bing never made it big with the users. Now Microsoft is in the race again with another low-cost version of its most popular operating system: Windows10 cloud.

Chrome OS with cloud is the most widely used operating system

According to Google, Chromebooks saw 20 percent year over year growth in retail in 2016 while the rest of the PC industry was down. Microsoft which sees Chrome OS as a significant competition might have an answer to this with the Windows10 cloud.

New Windows 10 test builds have references to the new variant. ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports that Windows 10 cloud will be a simplified version of Windows designed to run Microsoft’s Universal apps from the Windows Store. Foley says the branding just refers to a “simpler, safer, cheaper version of Windows 10.” This simple version of Windows is clearly an effort to compete with others in the market, such as Chrome OS. Microsoft will most probably make it low cost or freely available to makers who will be willing to make PCs with the operating system.

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As of now, it isn’t clear about when this new variant of Window will be distributed, but early references in the Creators Update to Windows 10 show that it might be arriving soon. Microsoft is preparing to test this new version and then release it to the public later this year with the second planned update to Windows 10.

Microsoft hasn’t publically been discussing this new variant. But it should be kept in mind that the name doesn’t suggest that a cloud will power the Windows 10 Cloud or streamed to a device.

It is probable that Microsoft will assimilate it critical services such as Bing, as default. This will be to keep its users within the ecosystem of their system and services.

Last month Microsoft revealed that it was planning to bring Windows desktop apps to mobile ARM processors later this year. Windows 10 Cloud might be able to take advantage of this if Microsoft intends to deliver this particular Windows variant to ARM-powered chips. Windows is now finally coming to use ARM processors through a partnership with Qualcomm. This will result in cheaper laptops. So, the timing might be perfect for Windows 10 Cloud. And Ironically this comes at a time when Chromebooks are becoming pricey by the day.

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