Microsoft Releases Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds For PC and Mobile

Microsoft released latest Windows 10 insider Preview builds for Pc and Mobile

Microsoft just releases it’s two new latest Windows 10 insider preview builds, these are Build 15042 and Build 15043. Both are released for different devices as the earlier one build 15042 is for PC while the later is for Mobile devices. Perhaps, it’s one of the very few moments when the Mobile is ahead of the PC regarding build version.

Windows 10 Creators Update might come to an end:

The released of the Windows 10 Creators Update test build bring a huge number of fixes, which also confirms about the completion of the upcoming update. But, Microsoft will continue to fix out the issue in the report of user feedback and will make us expect certain changes ahead of the time.

What’s new in Build 15042:

Here’s from the Official Windows Blog Post:

New Cortana animation in OOBE (PC): We know how much you love animations, so we wanted to share with you, our updated Cortana persona that you’ll see when you land on the Cortana page in OOBE:

Prompt to enable Flash in Microsoft Edge (PC): Back in Build 15002, we introduced click-to-run Flash by default in Microsoft Edge, for better security and performance across the Web. In today’s build, we’ve added a new dialog in the URL bar to make it clearer when Flash content has been blocked. Just click the puzzle icon to allow Flash once, or every time you return to the same site.

windows 10 update-flash-edge-enzuke

Improved reading experience with Microsoft Edge: You loved the new Edge reading experience and gave us a TON of feedback. Here are some we implemented:

  • When reading a locally saved EPUB book in Microsoft Edge on PC, a book icon will now be used in the place of the previous generic in the tab bar.

Windows 10

  • If you switch pages while an EPUB book is being read aloud in Microsoft Edge, the reader will now jump to that new location in the book.
  • If you’ve changed the read aloud settings when reading an EPUB in Microsoft Edge, those settings will now be preserved for subsequently opened books.

Despite, the improvements to the builds are few but the there is the long list of fixes that these preview build brought to PC and Mobile. Windows 10 build 15043 for Mobile fixes many issues on Continuum, Mail, Calendar, Setting, Edge, and a lot more. Microsoft had provided the Official list of all the included fixed and known issues to the Preview Build.

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10 Creators Update in April 2017. Also, there is huge rumor about it next bigger feature upgrade release called Windows 10 Redstone 3, later this year.

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