Microsoft is Making a Concept Surface Phone with Foldable Screen

microsoft foldable surface phone

Microsoft is working on the rumored Surface phone with a foldable display.

According to some new copyright, it has been demonstrated that Microsoft is working apparently on the Surface phone which has a foldable display. WalkingCat, one of the Twitter users, posted a link to this copyright from the tech giant for a clam-shell turn gadget.This particular copyright was filed in the year 2015 and has recently become available.

Earlier also, Microsoft has applied for the copyright for devices with pivot, but this real copyright information both for mobile devices as well as for large, tiled gadgets. Microsoft conveys a multi-layered screen which must be built up of panels with some curved edges which allow settling below a single upper layer. The company is also working on the process of developing an illusion with the curves to make the whole display look like no turns in it.

As the copyright states: “In order to minimize the visibility of a support design for a display group, the present declaration provides an example for display devices including curved or otherwise bent regions for directing light to a user’s eye when the user’s gaze is directed to a support structure at an edge of the display panel.”

“In the same manner, when a user is looking at a region occupied by the support group, the user may instead notice the light coming from the display group viewing the displayed objects.”

microsoft foldable surface phone

This is what probably Microsoft is focussing to gain with the Surface Phone. It is a gadget which could be used for both as the phone and tablet. But this is not the first time Microsoft has filed for a copyright that reveals the company is working on a device with the flexible design. A patent published in January this year offered us a glimpse into how Microsoft think about the future mobile devices. The filing, which was uncovered by MSPowerUser, shows a tablet-sized device that would be able to fold onto itself using a hinge.
Of course, these patents hardly indicate that the Surface Phone is coming anytime soon. So, patients should be considered with a pinch of salt, though, as companies file thousands each year. Is Microsoft working on the Surface phone? Only time will tell.

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