Memoji App for iPhone Will Let You Turn Your Face into an Emoji

emoji memoji

Become an Emoji! Make you and your friends laugh

If the new emoji character excites you, then the new app Memoji for iPhone is just the thing for you. In our tech oriented world text message have become the way for communication for almost all. It is rare now to find a text message without an Emoji. So, Emoji have become a language of their own.

emoji memoji emoji memoji

They are easy to find and come in a lot of variety. And they get your point across. But it seems as if the people at Logitrick don’t agree. They appear to think that simple emojis don’t get the work done. So what do they do? They found out a way to transform yourself into an Emoji. This will be done by a new app called Memoji.

“Your face is about to go viral.
Become an Emoji! Make you and your friends laugh, cry, cry of laughter, throw up, throw a fit and more.

Forget about sending emojis. Be one.”

emoji memoji emoji memoji

It is a straightforward and free app. All you have to do is launch it, select a photo or click one instantly. Then you select the Emoji you want to transform yourself into. And you will get instant results. You can either save the image or share it with your friends.

While the app itself is fantastic, there is one limitation to it. It only has top ten emojis you can transform yourself into. Although it covers the basic emojis that are used so you can create emojis for your general conversation.

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