The curiosity behind Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland stars in the upcoming reboot of the web slinging hero.

Spiders are the talk-of-the-town these days, right?  Of course, as it’s certain now that, we are going to get a new face of our beloved web-man aka Peter Parker,soon in the coming year, 2017; the wait thus, seems to get low on the nerves, guys! Yeah, I can understand that anticipation and impatience-very hard to get away with. Apart from its very attractive and unignorable movie title, Homecoming, the to-be-released reboot of the web-slinger is somewhat more special, I guess. And to some extent, it will alsoturn out to be a very vital addition to the MCU-Marvel Cinematic Universe.At the moment, there will be some frequently arising doubts and questions regarding the ‘homecoming’ of the new Spider-Man, in many of the unsettled minds. So, let’s get going on the so far known facts and other things about the movie.


Tom Holland as the Spider-Man, in Captain America: Civil War, earlier this year.

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Theweb action has been watched many times earlier, in the preceding films, which Sony Pictures released under its own banner. But now, it’s in the hands of Marvel, to unleash a more impactful ‘homecoming’ of the new face of Spider-Man-Tom Holland. The already popular English actor and dancer is best known for playing the title role in Billy Elliot the Musical, at the Victoria Palace Theatre, London.In 2011, he was also cast in the British version of the animated film Arriety, which was produced by Japan’s Studio Ghibi. He also starred in the 2012 Academy Award nominated, The Impossible, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona, alongside Naomi Watts and Evan McGregor.

Although, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, have showcased the many moods of the wall-crawling superhero, it has to be seen how Tom Holland imbibes the famous comic book character in him, to give full justice to his selection for the role. And not to forget that, Captain America: Civil War gave us a nice opportunity to have a glimpse of him in that suit of red and blue! Not to mention, that we loved it-the antics, the wit and the humorous lines in a manner that he said. It provided an initial base for the build-up towards the ultimate arrival as a solo character.


Tom Holland in action, throwing the sticky web!

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Marvel head Kevin Feige, in an announcement, some days before, confirmed Michael Keaton as the new major character-the Vulture, for the movie. Vulture is a Marvel super villain and is also an arch enemy of Spider-Man.So both of the protagonist and antagonist are now known to us. How Michael Keaton takes up the vulture’s instincts in him, would be interesting to see, but he is capable of delivering a power-packed performance, courtesy his acting prowess in the Birdman!As the plot and storyline is yet to be revealed officially, it’s not fully known how the movie would be like. Still, going by the public interviews and media interactions, it is absolute to say that, the Homecoming will be based on the teenage life of a young Peter Parker who struggles hard to make it in the town and at the same time tries to uncover the mysteries about his webbing capabilities.


The way Tom Holland aka the new Spider-Man snatched-up Captain America’s shield in Civil War, was amazing to watch.

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In the earlier movies that got released under the production of Sony Pictures, Sam Raimi and Marc Webb got the honors of directing the wall-crawler by their own narrative and viewing angles. Now, the third one has joined the legacy to take up the responsibility of presenting Tom Holland as the desired Peter Parker. Jon Watts might not be as much known to you but, he is a credible name for a director of his filmmaking standards. If you want to analyze his directing techniques further, as a fan, you must watch his movie ‘Cop Car’, released in 2015. It was basically a crime-thriller but the directorial abilities of Jon Watts can’t get unnoticed, when you actually see that movie. The American film director, producer and screenwriter has also directed films like Clowns and a few episodes of the Onion News Network.


Zendaya Stoermer plays a high-school student in the upcoming flick. A still from the set of the movie.

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As far as the female lead is concerned, American actress Zendaya has been cast as Michelle, opposite Tom Holland as Peter Parker. She is also known for her singing and dancing capabilities and has previously starred in the Disney channel sitcom Shake It Up, in the role of Rocky Blue. The on-screen chemistry is what matters for the end result and going by the looks, she seems to be promising for a pretty exciting introduction with the ‘Homecoming’. To intensify the anticipation for the ‘Homecoming’, Robert Downey Jr. has also been cast as the evergreen Iron Man, who will also play a crucial part in the film and assist the spidey! How cool it would be to witness the two intelligently funny characters together on the big screen-Iron Man with Spider-Man!


The pictures taken from the set of the movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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Hence, it can be said that,the yet to arrive Marvel production will be no less than a blockbuster, if made accordingly, as we expect it to be. In the case of Marvel, you can always rely on the expectations. And if it crosses the extreme levels, bingo! The Avengers Infinity War is not far from vision-miles away, so anything that comes before its release, will be properly inspected by the true Marvel fans, obviously. The team-up of all the great superheroes coming together for saving the mankind in an epic war is all but unimaginable. Again, looking at the prospects of it becoming a successful ‘Marvel’ film, the initial impressions are high, on creating all the necessary euphoria and curiosity for the ‘Homecoming.


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