Mark Zuckerberg’s Seven Learning Tips For Startup

See what Mark Zuckerberg learned from Facebook as a Startup in early days and what you can learn from his experience.


Mark Zuckerberg, the youngest billionaire on the planet who created the Facebook social network that now has Over 1 billion monthly active users.

Mark Zuckerberg, better known as Mark, the Facebook Guy has a lot to inspire millions of people to do big things in life. At the same time, he also makes us think how a technology could be so effective in connecting people around the World.

During the rising of Facebook, there have been lots of ups and down for the Zuckerberg. Also faced huge criticism for putting personal data on an internet site, but he didn’t give up and always worked it out to fix issues and Now, we all know what values Facebook has in everyone’s  life.

Here are 7 Mark Zuckerberg’s Learnings For Startup:

mark zuckerberg

which will inspire you to make your startup valuable too.

1. Business as a Business


2. Innovating & Evolving



3. Expanding


4. Learning


5. Networking


6. Sharing


7. Family


We hope you have enjoyed reading Mark Zuckerberg learning’s of Facebook, and it has inspired you!!

Akash Shakya
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