How it's Like To Be A Women! Her Story By Her Self.


The world is full of difficulties for fair-sex. At each and every turn, of their life, they get to listen to sarcastic remarks from the world of men which also includes elderly women, particularly in case of legal relation.
They are not free to enjoy their life.


The life of a woman is full of struggle at every turn.
They are not able to achieve their goals. Because according to our society, the place of a woman is in her kitchen. She is made to do work, work and work at her home.
She has to live her life according to the society. Due to which she is captured in a trap, just like an EAGLE is captured in the cage.

Dress is equal to character

Gossip Girl-- Pictured: (l-r) Nicole Fiscella, Leighton Meester, Taylor Momsen, Nan Zhang, Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Chace Crawford, Ed Westwick stars in GOSSIP GIRL on THE CW. Photo Credit: The CW / Andrew Eccles ?
Society judge them according to their dressing sense. The more shorter clothes, the shorter is her character.
But this is not the reality.
We cannot judge anyone by the dress or cloth he or she wear. The length of her skirt is not the measure of her character. How can the world be so petty, to comment upon a woman's cloth, can’t she wear an attire of her own choice?


She has the right to take decisions of her own. She has to live her own life, so why can’t she make her own decision. It’s her life, she is responsible for her own acts. Why is the society so much interested in her life?

Status Of Woman's

There is a severe need of improving the status of women socially, economically, mentally, physically and legally. They too have their self-worth, dignity and most prominently respect. Women must possess the right of being heard. Doting daughters, caring mothers, competent colleagues and wide range of roles are played by women efficiently and gracefully. And it's rightly said that Behind Every Successful man is a devoted woman. So why we don't feel petty for all those remarkable lady's out there. And people who are narrow minded does need a positive approach. It's Women who got to take a stand for the same. Indira Gandhi was the heartthrob lady. So, we need to remove the bondage which abandons them from coming forward in professional and social life

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