‘Lichee Pi Zero’ A Tiny Linux Computer Costs Just $6 Only

‘Lichee Pi Zero’ a super cheap tiny linux computer

Single board computers are becoming increasingly popular these days and are an interesting class of electronic devices. Here we are going to discuss Lichee Pi Zero, a new Linux module.

The Lichee Pi Zero is an extremely economical device. Lichee Pi Zero costs just $6 without WiFi and $8 with WiFi. It is very cheap when compared to Arduino or the latest Raspberry Pi Zero.

Credit: liliputing

The Lichee Pi Zero comes with an ARM-based processor, an Allwinner V3S (ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, max 1.2GHz, 512Mbit DDR2 integrated) to be exact. The users can boot it from onboard SPI Flash or TF card. Lichee Pi Zero is clocked at 1GHz, and it consumes less than 0.1A.

The dimensions of this board are 44.6×25.5mm. When you compare it to other devices of the same category, the Lichee Pi Zero is very well designed whereas the others are difficult to connect.

For the DIYers, there are a bit too many pins. The user can easily plug it into a breadboard (30 pins), solder all 60 pins tactfully, or connect its TF WiFi Card.

Coming to the ports and controllers on the board, on the top side, there are RGB LED, MPU, TF SLOT, LCD backlight circuit, microUSB (OTG & Power). Whereas on the bottom side of Lichee Pi Zero, you will find Touch Screen Controller, DCDC Power, on board SPI Flash, FPC40 RGB Connector.

The Lichee Pi Zero is equipped with the latest Linux kernel 4.10. With the Lichee Pi Zero, you can easily create your own laptop in just 5 minutes. All you will need is Lichee Pi Zero, a Li-Polymer battery, an LCD, a simple holder, and some tape.

Let us know how you feel about the Lichee Pi Zero in the comments. Let us know if you are going to make a laptop of your own.

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