Five Things to Learn From Professional VideoGamers For Entrepreneurs

Lessons For Every Entrepreneur to learn from Professional Video Gamers to hack their business Growth and become successful

In a mood to win online just take a glance at the best players out there.

What’s the similarity between one that deals in a digital market or modern day tycoons with the professional gamers? This is a big question strikes in mind when we read the title. So answer to this question is, a lot, yes there are a lot of similarities between the two.

1. First: See yourself in the 3rd Person

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Gamers have an extremely incredible natural or you can say inborn ability to brand them on the Internet and break the internet. To understand this just have a look at any well-known gamer whom you admire, in case if you don’t have just google it and you will find it out, after that what you have to do is to browse their social pages, and there you will see a level of personality which most successful entrepreneurs or tycoons can hardly manage to create for themselves.

Gamers are well aware about the value of having their headers looking professional, or intelligent, or smart or visually engaging. They know the trick and technique of taking mean comments from their social channels and then turning them into a very funny or you can say hilarious memes which in turn work to their advantage. Gamers know the ninja technique of turning themselves into a character.

This is what all you need to understand and do for yourself, as a person who has power to influence many and a thought leader.

2. Second: Understand What Your Audience Is Looking For

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Bitter or sweet, say whatever you would like to say but the truth is, personal branding online is totally a game and nothing else. The whole Social media is a game. It’s a game of commitment, game of gathering attention, game of who can create more influence, stuff which is worth looking at , watching, reading, sharing, and the most famous one ‘liking’ etc.

If you are in a mood to become “winner” at this game, what you have to do is just  having a very solid understanding of the audience wants, what the audience is actively looking for, for what the audience is eagerly waiting, what excites them a lot etc. You have to deep study your audience’s way of behaving or simply observe their behavior, after that you have to pick apart the patterns or trends in which they are damn interested.

3. Third: Study Your Competition

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We all know that in any competitive gaming, no one would ever go into a fight or a match without preparing up to an extent. Every competitive gamer has the ability to understand and have the courage.  Gamers know the value of continuously studying their competition.

The same logic applies in digital marketing also. You have to spend an appreciable or significant amount of time for just studying what the other people who are in competition with you in your area of work are doing so that you can do a far way better than them. What are the contents that belongs to them and that is making them most popular? What types of content by which you can take idea for yourself? What are the things that they are doing and getting profit that you can do a lot better than them? How can you get some benefit from their audience?

4. Fourth: Growth Hacking Is Essential

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We all know that there are some set of rules in every game that are must to be followed and there are some set of rules that you can break or that can be broken in order to take benefit. Some game cheats. You can compare the digital marketing with the video game as every digital platform operates in the same way as a video game operates. There are many ways and some parameters, and a professional and clever gamer knows how to use the parameters in order to make profit. But this is possible after deep studying the parameters. To take advantage you have to study them first.

5. Fifth: Consistency Wins In The End

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Not only digital marketers are irritated of some issues but there is something that all gamers has to face which is very painful and they have to face the suffering and torture that comes with what are called “daily quests”—yes there is something which is very irritating. Some sort of assignments you can say in the game that are mandatory to be performed and the most annoying thing is that they have to be performed daily, yes; you read it right, daily. Just Like a burden.

Same as that assignment, the digital marketers and entrepreneurs also have something  which is called as consistency. CONSISTENCY is must in this field. Everyone has a annoying time with consistency, because in every way, shape, or form, or whatever you call it, it is boring.

All the successful digital marketers and entrepreneurs who are working out there are well aware of the value of consistency. Everybody is known to the fact that success does’t come “overnight.” It came after a lot of hardwork, after many sleepless nights, after weeks and months and even after many years of hitting the footpath or walkway every single day.

Just follow the gamers and the above lessons by them in order to win.


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