New LeEco CDLA Audio Technology- Is really must have for us ?


The new generation of listening has begun with a major step ahead…

I was going through a magazine a few weeks ago, when my eyes zoomed in on a report. It highlighted the ‘departure of the 3.5 mm jack from Smartphone’s and ‘the arrival of CDLA-continuous digital lossless audio’. I mean, this is just feeling like I was running on a smooth land and then was welcomed by a terrain to go through! People are now so habitual of the long-lived ear phones tradition since its inception that, now it’s become a vital part for everyone on the go-for music obviously. The history of this beloved 3.5 mm audio jack is quite significant now, as it has been an inevitable partner for everyone who has ever wanted to hear music on the go! Well, it soon will become a part of the golden history itself as we are just about to enter the new age of CDLA innovative technology.


The generation of ear plugs (headphone or ear phones) is now almost 50 years old and people across the globe use them for listening songs from their phones, when travelling or even when they just want to sit and relax. The question that pops up is not, which medium they use for listening their favorite music, but what kind of experience are they getting, having those tiny plugs fitted in their ears? Is that really the quality of sound they should get? Technically the answer is-No. Because the sound that we hear through earphones is just a modification done for listening the audio in our ears and does not enable the same original quality of the audio, as it was created. Since the audio decoder is built into the phone or the device, there is no separate power going in the ear phones or headphone by itself, that straightly means-loss of true audio quality and a cranky voice, which occurs in the ongoing 3.5 mm port in Smartphone or other devices. No matter what standard of your newly bought Smartphone brand is. If it can’t provide you with seamless music, then it’s no more than a dead box, without a beat!




On the other hand, when it comes to the just announced CDLA, the case is reversed-for good, of course. It gives a true, original lossless audio sound to the user when listening from the Smartphone or a laptop. The apex reason for this is, that the headphone itself would possess an integrated sound enhancing chip and a decoder, using a Type-C port which just won’t allow any quality loss of the music that one listens to. The unmatched musical experience that CDLA provides you, surely makes it worthy, to adapt over the old audio jack. While the USB-C port offers to act as a power source for the headphones, here are a few drawbacks. USB-C port headphones are not widely available. 3.5 mm audio jack on the other hand is the most widely available music solution on earth. So inter-operability is an issue. Smartphone making company Le Eco has finally initiated the change for the future trend and it is rightly so. It can be understood, that this change should have been done, perhaps two or three years back only. But may be the realization process of all tech giants was not fully activated, so this is how it has actually started to happen. And as it already has initiated some new experiment in the headphone market, it also seems to be an opportunity for a few of those strong contenders in the race to take the credits of best CDLA headphone makers! It simply means more heated battles, more competition for top spot and last but never least-more enhanced products for us, the consumers. Clearly, the ongoing trend is very immediately going to change in the coming months.


Old earphones with 3.5 mm jack compatible designs. And the new Type-C compatible cable.


But looking at the downsides of the Type-C port, it also means that from now on, you won’t be able to connect the phone with your home audio, car audio, different types of earphones or even DJ consoles. Nonetheless, if it proves to be magnificent in giving you that ultimate joy of pure beats, mixing up in your ear drums, then I guess it’s no big deal to have yourself lose some of those things, right? I guess, it won’t be a disappointment.


Apple’s iPhone 7, having the Type-C port for connecting USB and earphones.


As Apple Inc. has already ripped off the old, traditional audio jack in the new iPhone version, many others will follow it, sooner or later. Many of us have already seen in the launch event what Apple’s Type-C port can do and also the Air Pods-no wiring at all! So, on a rather good note, I would request all out there, to let the ‘Jack’ rest in peace now.


Akash Shakya
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