How Jack Reacher fared this time? Do you wish that he stays and never go back?

The sequel to Tom Cruise’s hit 2012 movie is back!

The second installment of the Jack Reacher franchise is already out and released. The first one wasn’t that great a blockbuster but, it had that gripping plot, action, and intensity which proved to be enough for a positive response from the audience, as well as, the critics too, if not on a larger scale! We all knew what happened in the predecessor of this sequel and wanted that the hero, that is, Jack Reacher aka Tom Cruise, would make a more strong, fresh and solid appearance this time. Then? Does it seem to happen in his second attempt too?


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Tom Cruise in a still from Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

As the story begins, former military investigator turned vigilante Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise), returns to his old headquarters for meeting Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders), who has been assisting him in his investigations so far. But to his surprise, he gets to know from his old rival Colonel Sam Morgan, that Major Turner has been accused of treason and is detained. As Reacher tries to go deep, for proving his friend, Major Turner innocent, he suspects dark actions and foul play. Then, he embarks on a mission to uncover a huge government conspiracy, without caring about the laws, anyway.

Jack Reacher

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Tom Cruise and Cobie Smulders in a still from the movie.

Tom Cruise is still nice, by looks and can beat goons just as he did in the first appearance! He has worked hard for preparing the role but he hardly can save this movie on his own as the plot gives up on itself and sometimes Cruise’s performance can be felt a little dozy-from the point of the viewer! Yet, he has his old charm and killing grin that can make you watch him-but in this one? Cobie Smulders as an Army Major is relatable as far as her character is concerned. She looks good even in the action sequences and at times matches the protagonist too! Young actress Danika Yarosh is also good in her limited yet realistic instincts.

Jack Reacher

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Jack Reacher in action in a scene from the movie.

High octane scenes in the movie don’t excite you as they have been watched a million-times-over and over again, by us in endless old thrillers. Yet being a fan of Tom Cruise, you can still give ‘Never Go Back’, an unwilling try-just an unwilling one, by the way. Director Edward Zwick should have properly analyzed his homework for the storyline and most importantly the movie as a whole, from audience’ point of view. That must be the top notched priority of each filmmaker and it should be always kept in mind as the foremost reason for making a film. Repetition can never get you success, especially in a very predictable movie such as this.

The critics have gone haywire and all guns blazing for this outing of Tom Cruise.

It’s not that the movie should have been prevented from its completion, but good performance is what people go for along with entertainment! And that was just missing from this one. Ratings have gone down on some major online portals like Rotten Tomatoes, where only 38% users found it being somewhat fresh! May be the distributors of the movie themselves should have taken a thought on this title ‘Never Go Back’ and shouldn’t have committed an action to make the movie itself.

Just getting a bit energized for the sake of pushing the franchise ahead (based on Lee Child’s popular novels by the same name), without much conviction, the idea must then be immediately dropped off, from the very point of its inception. Hope, the next Reacher appearance is never made to happen. But somehow, if it comes, then it should give a satisfactory feel to every Tom Cruise fan-including me! Then my title would be, ‘May Jack Reacher come back!

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