Here’s How You Can Prioritize Your WiFi Using this iPhone Jailbreak Tweak


use this iPhone wifi priority jailbreak tweak to connect automatically with the preferred network

A simple jailbreak tweak, named PreferMyFi 2, is all you need to prioritize WiFi networks on your iPhone with ease.

Connecting to a WiFi network is an easy task on an iPhone. But for the power users, it isn’t that easy. The issue being that you can not prioritize networks useless and until you own a Macbook. But we have the solution to this issue here. All you need is jailbroken iPhone. Then all you need to do is install a particular tweak, that will let you handle the issue.

Use PreferMyFi 2 To Prioritize WiFi Networks:

Once you install the PreferMyFi 2 on your iPhone, you will be able to prioritize your WiFi networks, according to your wish. But the magic of this tweak lies in its working. You need to head to the Settings App, and then mess around with the options needed. You select two WiFi networks to prioritize. If you are connected to either one of these WiFi networks, and it fails due to some reason, then your device will automatically connect to the other one.

This feature works best when you are in a building with multiple WiFi networks, and you switch between them as you move around. So instead of switching the networks manually each time you are moving around, this tweak will do your work for you.

The PreferMyFi 2 is a free jailbreak tweak and is available for download at the BigBoss repository in Cydia. We suggest that you give this tweak a chance as it has no downside and it only makes working with your iPhone easier.

There is nothing better than software that reduces your manual work by exponents. And PreferMyFi 2 does exactly that. So it will be a great choice for iPhone owners wishing to lower their workload.

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