iPhone Cracking Tools Secretly Used By FBI Leaked to Public

iPhone creacking tools

iPhone Cracking Tools Secretly Used By FBI Leaked to Public as well as android cracking tools leaked to public used by FBI for cracking iPhones ios and android devices

Previous Year, FBI asked Apple to help them crack that iPhone 5C used by Syed Farook, who was one of the popular shooters in the attacks of San Bernardino in 2015. Unfortunately, Apple refuses to do so, but the FBI was continuously working with an Israeli mobile security company “Cellebrite” to help them crack the iPhone. Being a security firm, they reported that now a hacker hacked into their system servers and released some of their data regarding cracking iPhone to public in return as a warning for the FBI.

The breached data released public by the hacker seems to be the ‘Cellebrite’s Universal Forensic Extraction Device (UFED)’ and can instantly crack some of the older iPhones along with BlackBerry and Android as well.

In an anonymous talk with MotherBoard, that Hacker stated that making those tools are not going to be a good idea, and even if they make it, they learn to keep it secure as even it released public and anyone having a little technical knowledge can use it the wrong way and can spread flaws across the world.

Also, they told MotherBoard that whenever you create these tools, you will make it out and history should make it clear.

iPhone Cracking tools

ReadMe files on Pastebin

The hacker accepted that they have taken the secret data from the Cellebrite’s server and were able to crack the encrypted files and uploaded them successfully to a popular code repository Pastebin. Also, they stated that FBI with Cellebrite was using some of the publically available mechanism jailbreaking code as well.

As reported to the motherboard, those files didn’t include the source code; they come up with only packaging information. Also, Apple Chief Executive, Tim Cook stated that creating these types of cracking software would be a significant threat to the public safety.

But the recently released tools do not include the codes to crack the current iPhone models, but yes it was successful in cracking older ones, and still, people own them. Also, it was made clear by the hacker that these types of tools if created, will no longer be private into any firm.

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