iPhone 8: Everything We Know About Apple’s Upcoming Flagship


iPhone 8 is coming to the stores very soon and everyone is looking for iPhone 8 Price, iPhone 8 specifications, iPhone 8 features, iPhone 8 memory etc. Let’s see..

The most awaited phone by everyone is none other than the iPhone 8. If Apple does things right and as expected by people this might even be the best smartphone to exist. It is a known fact that iPhone 7 and 7 plus were the best phones on 2016. They had a fantastic storage, great speed, surreal camera and many other terrific features.

Tim Cook’s pre-release promise regarding iPhone 7 was that it would provide us with the thing we cannot live without. But that wasn’t entirely accurate, at best it was an incremental upgrade to the existing phone and not something phenomenal. Instead of a leap, it was just an evolutionary step towards better phones. And if we look at it the removal of headphone jack proved to be an omission of something most of us cannot live without.


All of this fueled up the speculations that Apple is probably holding back its best hardware and software innovations for its tenth-anniversary edition phone. After all, Apple has consistently kept us excited about its upcoming releases.

There have been rumors that iPhone 8 might be a throwback to what Apple was ten years ago, that it might totally redefine what a smartphone can do. But these are too big expectations to place on Apple’s shoulders. If Apple is to follow its usual schedule, then this much-awaited phone might release in the fall of 2017, that is in early September.

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Expected Specifications of the iPhone 8:

  • Apple’s Next Generation Processor (A10X or A11)
  • Ceramic or Glass body (Similar to the iPhone 4)
  • Extended or Edge to Edge Display
  • Virtual home button
  • Enhanced Water Resistance
  • Dual-lens camera – enabled AR capabilities
  • Support for Apple Pencil
  • Iris Scanner instead of Touch ID

What will it be called?

iPhone8 OLED


We cannot predict what Apple might name its next smartphone and its haphazard method of naming phones it to blame. In 2016 it released iPhone SE which was a minor update to the previous phone introduced mid cycle. And we also saw the iPhone 7.

Our guess is that Apple will let go of the mid-cycle update this year and release iPhone 8 with significant upgrades. That noted, Japanese blog Macotakara has reported that the next model could be called the iPhone 7S. And Apple could always hit us with something entirely new, like the iPhone X just like the Mac OS X (X being the Roman numeral for 10, of course).

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Unlock the phone with your eyes:

iPhone8 Security


Now here is where this new phone get more exciting. German site Handy Abovergleich and others have suggested that the iPhone 8 could have an embedded iris scanner that will let you unlock the phone by looking at it — a wonderful alternative to Touch ID. What the first phone the came with an iris scanner was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Although we must mention here, the that has nothing to do with the phones explosive nature and resultant discontinuation. So, do not worry.

Goodbye Aluminum:

If rumors by DigiTimes are to be believed, then Apple is doing away with its aluminum body that was used for iPhone 6S and iPhone 7. Manufacturers Foxconn and Jabil are rumored to be building the next phone’s body with two reinforced glass panels — one for the front and one for the back — that will be held together by a stainless-steel bezel frame. The report mentions that this will reduce the Apple cost by 30 to 50 percentage giving it much better quality control.

An iPhone Pro for the creative:

Handy Abovergleich has also illustrated the concept of multiple iPhone 8 models — a standard edition, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 Pro. What is interesting here is that if rumors are to be believed, then iPhone might be following in on iPads path and introducing the Pro version of the smartphone. It will support Apple Stylus and give artist and handwriting enthusiast a better outlet to be creative and manually express their works.

Red iPhone:


An easy and creative way to marks the tenth anniversary could be by introducing new colors. In December 2016, a video had emerged that had intended to show a “Jet White” iPhone 7. Macotakara reports that Apple may add to its new color choices of white, black, and mellow metallic and introduce red to the lineup — a throwback of a kind to the less expensive iPhone 5C’s rainbow of options.

Taking it to the Edge:

iPhone8 Pro_Pen

There have been rumors, since the release of iPhone 7, that the new phone might have an edge to edge display. The Wall Street Journal reported that the new iPhone might have a curved edge and OLED screen. Of course, neither of these will be too impressive as Samsung has been pushing boundaries regarding phone display for quite some time. If rumors are to be believed, then the front of the forthcoming Galaxy S8 could be 90 percent screen — and the Xiaomi Mi Mix’s 6.4-inch screen nearly covers its entire face.

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No Home Button?

To extend the display in the way would be to do away with the home button. Back in 2015, Apple had filed a patent for a transparent fingerprint sensor. And with the iPhone 7’s solid-state button, a pressure-sensitive screen, and the abler Siri, does the future even need a physical home button anymore?

With all the extra space Apple, might squeeze the top and bottom bezel and accommodate a bigger screen.

Wireless Charging:

iPhone8 Charging

Here is something new. Last year we saw Apple ditching the traditional earphones and replacing them with the AirPods. This might just have been the start. Apple might also do away with the last remaining wired connector: the lightening cable and introduce wireless charging.

The Verge reported that Apple has been staffing up on wireless charging experts and the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Foxconn, one of Apple’s main manufacturing partners, is doing wireless charging modules for the 2017 iPhone.

What should be mentioned here though is that Samsung’s top phones already support wireless charging from 2015?

A more ‘Toilet-Proof’ phone:

iphone8 Colors

If Apple has plans to ditch the lightening port too then, it is only logical to think that it will make the phone more resistant to water and other substances. The Korea Herald reports that the next iPhone will have a higher water resistance rating — IP68 compared with the current generation’s IP67, for those keeping score.

Here too Apple will be catching up with Samsung whose Galaxy S7 is IP68 certified.

A camera as a portal to augmented reality:

iphone8 Camera

There has been a lot of mention about dual lens camera by Apple CEO Tim Cook in the recent days. These will help you place things from virtual life into the real world.

It is possible that the new tenth-anniversary phone will come equipped with dual lens camera that will let you view the real world and overlay 3D objects onto it with incredible accuracy.

We will keep you updated with the rumors and fact about this long-awaited phone.

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