iPhone 7 is here for you. Is it really a must buy this time?

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The smartphone has been launched by Apple in India, just a few weeks back!

First of all, big congratulations to all those who were impatiently desperate and waiting for it to arrive. The iPhone 7 is eventually here, in India and available for you all. The wait was just a bit long after the official launch event by Apple Inc. on 7th September 2016. As of now, you might have watched all the videos and read all the review articles regarding the new versions of the iPhone legacy. But still, there may be some doubting minds who would be popping-up with curious questions. And that’s just obvious because it’s iPhone, all the way! So, here is a brief but thorough overview of the new iPhone 7 by Apple Inc.

Why should you go for it? Why would you look up to it? All the questions will be answered. Here we go:

The ultimate design love it!


The spread water on the iPhone 7, looking stunning!  Image source

They say, “iPhone 7 feels as amazing as it looks”. Well, they are quite right about this statement. This iPhone has a damn black finish that lures you like a true, dark gravity or in other words somewhat like a black hole! Yeah, this description would aptly suit the ‘respective’ smartphone. The 7th version has two sides to itself-one with a gloriously styled, high-gloss jet black and the other having a matt finish. And of course, its splash and water resistant too, with Apple finally doing some major changes for the utmost protection for your dear smart device. Besides the design in the hardware section, both of the models are available with a 4.7 inch and 5.5 inches of the screen display. The bottom line is, just take it in your hand, and the rest, it will do itself-being practically magic!

For a detailed view, take a look at the official design video of iPhone 7:

The best camera in the world? May be right


The wide-angle lens and telephoto lens are installed for capturing amazing pictures. Image Source

The essence of photographs is what matters each time you stare one, for having that nostalgic moment from your past. Preserving that special time in a captured shot is pure imaginary, especially when it comes to current phone cameras that claim to be high-end at giving best clarity and zoom levels, but fail to do so and deliver, in real time. That was a stark reality a few months back. Why? Is it not now? Quite not. The iPhone 7 not only redefines the phone camera, it does actually defy the ongoing camera standards-unprecedentedly!

The 7 possesses a 12MP rear camera that takes real-life pictures even in low light with no loss of clarity guys! It also features a front 7MP FaceTime HD camera. The 7 plus, on the other hand, is equipped with a dual lens rear camera, with each lens being of 12MP; and the same 7MP front FaceTime HD camera for selfies. Now, a combined rear super camera of 24 MP is ready for you to go out and capture unbelievable and truly, lovely photos, whether it’s day or night or midnight! The highlight of the dual lens is that it ensures that ‘what you see, is what you get’-on your phone.

The new iOS 10 is a remarkable legend!


The iOS 10 is easy and simple at its core. Image Source

Why are so many people on an iPhone anyway? What makes them, love them so much in a simpler yet inseparable manner? The iOS! The legendary and milestone smartphone operating system is an undisputed leader among the rests. And that has been said, many times in the last four or five years. A simple user interface, even for a beginning user for a smartphone pushes you out to do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.

And now, the most advanced, most user-friendly (as it always was) and the most powerful OS is here, for your new iPhone 7. The security and protection of its users are its foremost function and that’s where iOS 10 makes a mark. With end-to-end encryption and an awesome TouchID, iOS 10 makes almost sure, you get away with all the unwanted stuff and spams. Everything is razor sharp like smoothness without a dent! You never get a halt when doing browsing, listening to your favorite music or playing any latest, heavy sized and graphic oriented game. Well, these are just normal tasks for it to even think of!

The superfast phone processor


The view of the iPhone 7, killing for all! It gets faster and faster with the A10 fusion chip. Image Source

Without any long praises about how fast it is, let’s come to the basic theoretical analysis; because you know, I won’t tell a lie. The A10 Fusion chip powers the iPhone towards more speedy and fluid performance. By this, I mean absolutely fluid-it can’t get better than this (not for the moment). Making it, even more, smoother, than iPhone 6 and 6s, in delivering unexpected and spontaneous results, the A10 fusion chip is made in a four-core design, containing two cores for high and efficient performance. And they can run at just one-fifth of the total capacity and power! Unmatched and unthinkable from the very moment, thus, saving the battery for much more usage. The battery is more durable and lasting for everyday use, thanks to A10 chip processor.

The Verdict


Image source

We looked at everything and every aspect that was most necessary for you all to know about. And going through all this ride, the one thing that stands out, unbiased, is the reliability. The iPhone 7 is for you and makes you more than a phone carrying being who can think of it as having a mighty weapon in his or her hands, of crafting things that were hitherto unimaginable. So, I won’t say, go for it but, just keep looking and you will get stuck! The gravity of black is here to stay friends.

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