Indian App Names Snapdeal Similar to Snapchat Getting 1-Star Reviews Continuously

snapchat snapdeal reviews

It seems like people are mistaking the Snapdeal for Snapchat.

Variety Covered a story a few days ago containing a statement delivered by CEO of Snapchat Evan Spiegel: “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.”

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel statement was recounted by one of the ex-employee Anthony Pompliano on a lawsuit against the Snap misconduct with him later in 2015.

Indian mobile users have affected the Snapchat’s rating as well as Indian online e-commerce market Snapchat and turned the most of the ratings to just 1 star.

People are mistaking Snapdeal for Snapchat

‘Snapdeal’ which is one of the popular online markets of India is receiving continuously 1-star ratings on Android and iOS apps since the Variety story. It seems like people are mistaking the Snapdeal for Snapchat.

snapchat snapdeal

Some of the tweets speak clearly how people are offended by this things so do companies are. Some of the people are spreading stuff like let’s teach the lesson to the CEO by uninstalling the App and rating it to least as possible.

With this statement, folks of India are so offended as consequences lead to the Spiegel’s fiance Miranda Kerr’s recent Instagram posts, as BuzzFeed noted:

Miranda Kerr snaphat snapdeal

Absolutely, this is going to be one of the difficult tasks for the company to fix this thing with people out there. A Snap’s person told FactorDaily about this as:

“Those words were written by a disgruntled former employee. We are grateful for our Snapchat community in India and around the world.”

But we don’t think just a statement will neutralize this kind of disrespect for the Indian people.

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