HP Omen Gaming Laptop, Desktop Series Launched in India

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The Omen 15 will be available for retails at starting price of INR 79,990 while the Omen 17 will be for 1,39,990. The Omen Desktop will be made available at 1,39,990 while the keyboard will cost 9,999 INR.

On Wednesday, HP introduces its new Hp Omen gaming portfolio in India, Omen Gaming laptops, desktop, keyboard, mouse, and the headset included in this new series.  The keyboard, headset, and mouse have been in collaboration with Steel Series for its production. The new ‘Omen’ portfolio will be available on HPshopping, selected HP World stores, and among all leading e-commerce portals in the country.

HP Omen Specification:

The new Omen keyboard features 5 zones which are capable of producing an output of 16.8 million colors with unlimited customization. With programmed custom function, the keyboard is also featuring 88 macro keys. With anti-ghosting features, all your command would execute without lag or delay, that what the keyboard claims to do.

For comfort, Omen headset provides a retractable mic and padded ear cushions; it also has a lightweight headband which distributes the weight evenly across the head resulted in greater comfort. The headsets are also made in collaboration with a top eSports teams, and their efforts have fine tuned the headset with balanced soundscape across frequencies.

Omen mouse works with zero hardware acceleration, also has 1:1 tracking and pixel perfect CPI adjustments. The buttons on mouse rated at 30 million clicks and its intelligent RGB illumination system on board supports up to 16.8 million colors

The Omen desktop integrated with an Intel i7 7700HQ quad-core processor, with 3GB NVIDIA GTX 1060GPU and hybrid storage which is a combo of 2TB Hard Drive and a 128GB SSD Drive.

The Omen 15 laptop has a GTX 1050 GPU, Intel i7 7700HQ processor, with 15.6 inch WLED IPS screen optimized with 1080p screen resolution, it also has hybrid storage, 1TB hard drive that paired with a 128GB SSD.

Next, the Omen 17 which is the VR ready headliner of the bunch, it also got GTX 1070GPU, an Intel i7 7700HQ processor, a 17.3 inch WLED IPS display which is a G-SYNC available and has a brightness of 300 units. The Laptop has 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD hybrid storage and B&O speakers for the audio.

HP Omen Pricing:

The Omen 15 will be available for retails at starting price of INR 79,990 while the Omen 17 will be for 1,39,990. The Omen Desktop will be made available at 1,39,990 while the keyboard will cost 9,999 INR. The Headset and Mouse will retail at INR 7,499 and INR 5,499 respectively. By the 15th March, the HP’s portfolio for Omen lineup will be available for purchase.

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