How Women’s Over 50 Should Dress For New Fashion

Style Diva's

Craig Berry
Gone are the days of that High street shopping way because time is dearth and engagenments many. The women of 50+, they may not be professionally busy, love to wear good clothes, a stylish hand bag, some gypsy look ear drops and many more to give themselves a feeling of air around them and make them walk in style. They are the ones who participate actively in kitty parties at this age and love to look glamorous to get appreciative comments from their party mates.


The word fashion is nothing but ideas, not only of dresses but of so many things. And fashion is the main factor behind wearing out process of apparels, which otherwise are more long lasting physically. Fashion can’t be defined in rules. It is just the choice of a man and more of a woman that coins the word ‘new fashion’ when it applies to an apparel. Like any other thing, fashion too is a science which helps to improve our appearances and that is what every individual desires to be fashionable. I heard a woman sying that fashion exists because of them as while no man can wear their dresses, they can wear any thing, may be a trouser, jeans or shirt.

Women's Crazy For Fashion

These middle aged women are the major driving force behiind mainly the textile business that has been changing facets over the year but what remains unchanged is the sequence of spinning, dyeing, weaving, and stitching to processing and packing and the old designs keep reappaering after intervals.They say that it has been a trade which provides lot of employment opportunities even to the downtrodden thus saving them from the bane of begging.In other words the passion for fashion in this class of women is indirectly helping the society.Fashion as we know is something charming but intolerable for long. The newness gives way to old ones and vice versa.

France Fashion Leading Country

The amount women in their fifties spend on clothes is nearly £7bn and rising. France  is a leading industry in fashion design industry.

Online Apps

Thanks to the online shopping apps that have come as a big help to the over 50 year women to save them the hassels of high street conventional methods and get a glimpse of their favourite fashion articles ‘online’ which also helps to make a better bargain.

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