How the way of using web will change with 5G


Keep calm its 5G!

5G has a lot of promises such as faster internet, amazing mobile connectivity for business. 5G also includes characteristic of Futurism, it has the ability to show you very modern technology like Visual Reality and augmented reality as well. Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time and Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment. As the promises are very high and 5G has limitless potential, here the question arises that how 5G will change the way of using one’s device.

So here is the answer of the question that how the way of using internet will change for consumers and business as well with 5G, given by a group of entrepreneurs from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC):

More real time connection with fastest internet

With the faster internet, you can do a lot of stuff. You can do a lot more with faster internet. It gives the consumer chance to use live video while interacting on a real-time basis, interaction between brand and consumer. With 5G there will be more VR (virtual reality). 4G doesn’t support live videos, it is little bit unstable but with 5G there will be no problem at all.

Mobile will govern

It is predicted that by the year 2020 almost 90% of people who are over 6 years old will definitely own a cell phone. There are a lot of chances to be missed out if you are not totally focused on making and enhancing your business experience better on mobile. A Millennial like me will give something a try. You will get only our five seconds of attention, not more than that. If I found that your website, your application or your business doesn’t work accordingly then I will definitely never use your brand again in life and I would definitely make sure that my friends also don’t give a damn about the brand.

There are also not going to use any of your brands. You will only get a single chance to impress the youngsters. You have to sure or you have to make sure that whatever is loading, it should load fast, its working must be good and is able to serve to almost 50% of the world’s total population who are under the age of 30-year-old.

The connectivity of internet must be wireless

5g has promised that it will definitely bring wireless internet to business. This is for business everywhere, not for a single place. Now no more messing up with the wires will be there, no more loose connections of wire. In place of wires and cables that are helping us to connect the business to internet, 5G will give us a totally different way which will be an open way for our business that will help in consuming the internet in many more ways. 5G will open door for truly wireless connectivity everywhere.

Internet of things’ (IoT) faster troubleshooting

This takes up minimum two hours for the diagnostics when consumers or businesses send reports to developers regarding the software crashes. With the widespread of smart technology, the main focus will be on the connectedness of smart homes, meters and driverless cars all accessible from a single point. So, if we take an example of washing machine malfunction, it will cost less for the consumer to fix it by himself only instead of hiring a washing machine professional to fix the problems. This would be possible as the consumer will share data from the machine through the cloud, this will make work easy. This will enhance consumer technology and will save energy. With this machines will be more intuitive.

5g enzuke


Newer realities of life with 5G

The way we know the marketing will definitely change as mobile will rule the business space. Just like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which falls under the other technologies will also become mainstream. We will see the world of online marketing into a totally different realm. All business must go for investing in futuristic strategies of digital marketing.

World of AR everywhere

Augmented reality needs a lot and lot of processing power in order to fulfill its true potential. This will totally dependent on the capabilities of mobile such as battery and processing. To see the future this will be the biggest constraint. In the today’s world, we have something that is known as cloud but there is a limit on how much real time cloud processing we can do with the bandwidths we are currently having. This all would be changed with 5G. It will allow the real-time processing and yes, it will give truly responsive AR applications for the mobile devices.

Completely mobile based industries

According to me, maximum or you can say large industries will move totally to mobile as with the faster internet with 5G and beyond. People will find mobile easy on the online travel areas. There are a lot of companies, who are very successful in mobile travelling like HotelTonite, this is entirely mobile company. With the increase speed of internet, the mobile travel will definitely increase.

Growth in size of addressable market

Let’s take example of South Korea to understand this point, in South Korea people use the internet more than anywhere else. Their per capita consumption is very high. South Korea is leading world with high speed internet, they have speed 26Mbits/s, which is double of the speed U.S have. To make more people go online, you have to make more the material impact of faster network access. This is the major reason behind why Google spends billions of dollars each year for making the search results faster and faster. 5G will allow people to move to mobile-only and also mobile-first. This will allow people to give up desktop and broadband, all this results in the increased size of addressable market.

Emergence of untapped applications

We will have the pleasure of viewing large sets of video content in live video with the faster reliable 5G internet communications. Also, VR and AR will be delivered in different consumer mobile hardware.  There is a lot such as, additional data can be sent and processed as well and also can be crunched in real time for the medical applications which includes expert system, medical imaging and other autonomous systems which are able to utilize the intensive processing of data and large video’s real time computing as well. It also includes images and other data capturing sources.  This was said by Nemoy Rau from US Biometrix.


Increasing connectivity, decreasing operational cost of businesses

The companies who opted to embrace 5G mobile technology were not only able to decrease the operational cost internally but also, they will increase the connectivity among his employees. This will either work remotely or this will travel frequently. 5G will be 40 times faster than 4G, this will make the businesses able to utilize the new high speed and the rise of IoT will totally change the way they are doing their business with their customers and employees till now.

Device interaction and seamless cloud

5G will merge all the differences with its large bandwidth. These differences are the clear division between on device storage and processing and the cloud storage and processing. This was said by Justin Blanchard from ServerMania Inc.

Video content will have main focus

You will see much more widespread high bandwidth and video content. With 5G bandwidth will not be a concern anymore. As there is 3D content the usage of video content will definitely explode.

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