How to take the Perfect Selfie With Any SmartPhone, Explained!

The craze over selfies simply swoon over their selfie time.

Social networking sites are flooded with selfies pictures. It is like the addiction. Though some images come out amazing, the same cannot be said for a few. A little work here and there is needed to get the perfect selfie. It does not require a lot of hard work. All you need is to learn the tricks, and that is it.

The first thing is to find the right light. Taking the picture from the backlight will give a softer look and clearer picture. Remember the next time you are taking a selfie, the angle on how you hold your phone is critical.

When you are taking the picture, make sure your arms are stretched out and elongated. The further the camera is, the better your selfie will come out. You can check which angle suits you the best by taking few test shots. Try taking pictures in horizontal or portrait setting.

Stick your neck out instead of scrunching it. You do not want to get a double chin effect, do you? Correct body posture is the key here. Also, learn a few selfie makeup tips for effective results.

To know more, watch this read this fantastic tips.


We all deal with it in few of the pictures. This happens due to lack of time management between our blinking and click of the photograph.
Just follow a simple trick- close your eyes a few seconds before the photo is being clicked and open them right before the flash hits your face. This will help you!


One of the ways to avoid it is to elongate your neck and put your chin out.

Or taking a shot from a higher point can get rid of flabby looking photographs while taking selfies tilt your face outwards to highlight your jaw line.

It might feel awkward, but it gives the best results!


We all have your signature pose, still if you don’t have one follow this. Look through all your good photographs and spot the one thing that is same. Is there an angle that works for you or is there a more flattering side? Once you’ve cracked it, just use this simple personalized trick to get that great pic!

Makeup OR MADE UP?

Apply makeup nicely that does not look overdone or fancy. Make sure your foundation is not too pale for your skin, and your lipstick should flatter your skin tone too. If you think it looks bad in real life, it looks ten times worse with a flash on!


There is an easy way to avoid red eye. Yes, you read that correctly. If you just look towards a source of light before someone clicks your photo, you can avoid it altogether! Looking at light shrinks your pupil which in turn reduces the probability of red-eye.


Always we are in a dilemma where to keep our hands? And that’s what props are for – it could be a book or a bag or just a pair of glasses. Not only accessories help in adding a bit more personality to your pictures but also solves out our problem of arranging yourself in a photograph.


A fake smile cannot conquer your natural one.Don’t plaster on a fake smile – people have seen it already, and they can tell. Instead just joke around with your photographer and get a natural one. Be comfortable with your pose, and it will show instantly!

Try it it will bring out best results!



Don’t over-do the background or it will steal all the focus away from you. A simple white wall or some beautiful warm colors would do the trick just fine!
Old an antique locations are ready to go for.


Everybody has an angle or side face that suits them. Figure out which angle suits you better. If you constantly get double chins in your pictures, then the best angle would be from the top. This is a trial and error method, though, so find your signature pose and then stick to it.



And finally – don’t take just one photograph. Chances are you’re going to hate it after a while so take a couple of them so that you have a choice. Isn’t that always better?
Prabhjot S Chadha
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