How to Become a Pro-Business Person

Tips for how to make a better kind of yourself.

Successful people often rise from very little beginnings. A well-known personality Leonard Kim, well successful writer and individual branding expert. He made his way out from the corporate business to search himself and developed a prosperous business.

Kim’s have published many articles, most of them can be searched on engine like Quora and similar to this, where he often suggests how you can develop your business and personal lifestyle to the higher level.

1. How to develop an upgraded version of yourself


Kim says, the reply is simple. Yet with all things that are seems easy in life, it is also easy not to do. It is similar of a like brushing the teeth and flossing regularly. Some persons do it and have pearly white and clean teeth, while others who don’t go for brush may suffer from dental complications. Kim is revealing something very powerful here. According to Leonard, positive habits are mandatory to achieve success in life.

The fine thing is that one can make new habits at any of the age by holding the neuroplasticity. Rick Hanson, Ph.D., tells in his paper how we have much more effect over our own brains than we can feel. Neuroplasticity is the method whereby our brain develops pathways based on where we focus. If one focus on staying positive, productive and efficient, his/her brain will make supporting positive pathways.

It is published in the journal “Biofeedback”, it basically forces the significance in analyzing neuroplasticity. It is efficient a read to understand this concept as to get high performance.

2. Sleep of 8 hours


According to Kim, one should remain strive to get enough sleep of eight hours per day. Many, experts also satisfy. According to John, director of “Life of an Athlete Human Performance”, the no. of hour sleep you get every night is an unbelievable correctly predictor of the progress as well—and not only for sports, either. According to Underwood, “If a player pulls through whole night,’ speed, endurance and stamina capacities can deteriorate.”

It is found from paper of Neurology, sleeping problem go high daytime intellectual dysfunction. It is said that increasing number of days of sleep restriction can create the similar problemas acute full sleep destitution. In short words, one should expect his/her performance—both cognitive as well as physical—to reduce from less sleeping. After a passing of 6 or 7 days or so of not achieving sufficient sleep, performance goes on deteriorating. Also, as one’s prefrontal cortex, accountable for complicated planning, is mainly receptive to the problems of sleep deprivation. One study showed that even after 16 hours of wakefulness, person began losing power in concentration.

3. Live in Today


Another thing present on Leonard’s list is a censored to cease living in the yesterday or the tomorrow (future). This advice looks a bit spiritless. After all, sometime we not truly live in today. However, upon going deeper, we get some interesting fact to back this up. Peter, founder of the insight project, whole fear is the fear of future. But University of California Behavioral Medicine Research Center tells, most of what we afraid will never come to face.

It looks like that ‘live in the current moment’ is not the spiritless, after all the new age notion. Why should worry when many of the things we fear about won’t come true? It is a mental activity, therefore it needs a little bit of the mental energy. Our brain is the most energy seeking organ in the body, needs around 400 calories per day, and how much of that’s energy is getting waste due to worrying?

4. Be Appreciative


Another one seeming ‘new age’ advice, this declaration also stands up to inspection. According to one paper “Counting Blessings Versus Burdens”: there are the huge number of positive and helpful effects of pivoting on what one is grateful for. A well-studied Investigation of Gratitude and Well-Being in the routine life,which showed in the Journal related to personality and the social Psychology,it constitute the rosier outlook on life, altruism, reduced fatigue and sleep and an easier time getting.Yale University tells, routine gratitude practice can increase one’s mental health and can also play major role in preventing or curing the mental illness.

5. Maintain the sufficient level of Attitude


According to Leonard, acquiring an attitude of abundance may contribute to get the things you wish for. It looks impractical until we see at the experimental research. As Rich Bayer, Ph.D. says in his article benefits of optimism that Optimism is a descriptive style. Optimism is an express in which optimists tells what occurs to them. According to Rich, how you define what occurs to you has a large impact on how you react to similar like situations in a future, and in twist, how well you cope. Many time, one’s response in difficult situation has the sure impact on his/her self-image. This idea of looking abundance in the moment can, if you apply it, assist you focus on how to achieve what you want rather than how badly you wish for something. It is similar to carrying a door present in your mind, a door that goes to what you want.


Leonard Kim replies for a question asked, the toughest part of his entrepreneurial journey has been attaching his online success to his actual life, when he initiated writing, he did it without any passion, he did not have any strategy to legalize, he did not even think that any individual would have look what he was writing, but as it initiated to take off, his life started to change.

People were calling him an inspiration, they were calling him a success, they were calling him brave and saying about how much they seemed up to him, but at that point in life, he was working at an entry level job earning $16.24 per hour, or near about $30k per year in Fortune 100.


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