HoverCards to Preview Links Before Clicking in Google Chrome

one of the best chrome extension we found for hover links!

If you would like have the 3D touch experience of the new iPhone 6S which will allow you to, among different things, peek at an app before deciding to open it, then you’ll need to see out Chrome extension HoverCards that delivers similar practicality immediately on your pc.

At present, HoverCards presently works with solely six kinds of links — those from Instagram, Imgur, SoundCloud, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter. The developer states that a lot of area unit within the works. once you hover over a link from one in all the six sites, alittle pop-up window — a HoverCards, if you’ll — appears. For a YouTube link, for instance, you’ll see a thumbnail and also the title of the video together with number of views, likes and dislikes received. For a Twitter link, you’ll see number of tweets, followers and people engaged in any tweet.

Just hitting on the HoverCard, a panel opens on the correct fringe of Chrome, keeping you on your current page rather than loading a brand new page or opening an another tab. during this panel, you’ll see, say, associate Imgur image together with comments. Or a Twitter feed. Or a YouTube video which will play within the panel. In preferences, you’ll be able to set the categories of links that you want to ascertain HoverCards. every of the six sites has two choices. For Reddit, for instance, you’ll be able to select Posts or User HoverCards or both of them.

Ujjwal Sahay
Ujjwal Sahay is the Editor-in-Chief & Co-Founder of Enzuke as well as Author of the cyber security books Hack-X-Crypt and X-Shell. Primarily Ujjwal writes about technology and front-end developer by profession. For more details about him check out his portfolio at [ ]
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