Best Unbreakable Tough Cricket Records Made Ever In The History

There are not much, but they are unimaginable records, in the game’s history.

There’s no reason why cricket shouldn’t be the most played and loved game than soccer worldwide, but that’s my own personal opinion! Well, talking about the old, bat and ball game is always an exciting thing, as we discuss the scores, performance and most importantly, the records set, either by a bowler, batsmen, a wicketkeeper or fielder-many opportunities in a one, single game! Apart from the huge and unmatched records, the most significant thing that we remember is the span of that record which can last up to a year, a decade or even a century! To know more about this kind of unusual but interesting statistics, let’s go through them, briefly.

Don Bradman’s ultimate feat of 99.94 test average!

Don bradman

Sir Donald Bradman, during his career. Probably the one of his own kind, as he was called, thanks to his outstanding judgment of shots and an almost perfect focus on the ball!

Who’s the all-time best cricketer that the game has ever seen? One is India’s epic hero, the great Sachin Tendulkar and the other perhaps the greatest of all, Sir Don Bradman. But why? In tests, 99.94 is not just an average or a number but it also tells you the scoring rate at which Sir Don would have scored those runs during his unparalleled career. It’s tough to beat, really and I mean it because one needs to be very-very dedicated towards the game to be as consistent as Sir Bradman. One would even wonder, look even at his first-class average, of 95.14-out of your range guys!

Jim Laker’s record figure of 19-90 in a single test match!

Jim Laker

England’s Jim Laker bowling his magical spell in a test match

Jim Laker, the greatest bowler of England and probably the world’s finest off-spinner, was like an inevitable havoc for the Australian batsmen in a test which made him immortal in the history of cricket and also in the hearts of all Englishmen for all centuries to come. The figure read 19 wickets for just 90 runs in both innings combined and out of the 20 dismissals, 19 were his victims! Taking 10/10 is perfect but making it 19/20 is exceptional and he did it. Kind of nearly impossible, isn’t it? Yeah.

16 successive test match victories over Australia!

Australia cricket team

Australia has been the superpower of cricket for long and has shown the world, its great mighty strength

Australia can never be doubted to make any record as they themselves are record holders of perhaps every kind, especially test and one-day internationals. Considering their test performance it was no exception when they achieved this hard to repeat and even close to reaching, the record of winning 16 consecutive test matches during 1999-2001 under the captaincy of the great Steve Waugh. Not only this, they did it again, during 2005-08 but this time under skipper Ricky Ponting-another great Australian cricketer. No other country has been able to catch these figures even once, since 2008.

Phil Simmons’s economy rate of 0.3 in a one-day international!

Phil Simmons

West Indies’ Phil Simmons

 In the time when batsmen have become the nightmare for even the most top rated bowlers, it’s unimaginable to think of a match where a bowler completes his spell with an economy of just 0.3 in a one-day international! Really? Yes, it’s true and this unusual but world record was made by Phil Simmons for West Indies against Pakistan in 1992. He bowled his spell of 10 overs after completion of all his overs, he had just given more than 0.3 runs per over!

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