Google Play Store Will Now Show Apps Sale Pricing And High-Quality Games

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Google is also working on improving the visibility of games on Play Store.

Google announced at the Game Developer Conference to include some new features and services to Google Play Store for developers as well as users also. These improvements will let you discover new games quickly and also bring you to see sale pricing on apps. The discounted pricing on apps will change by developers opinion, which means that Gooogle Play Store is allowing more control to every app developer for their catalog of apps located on Play Store.

Along with these updated features, developers can update discounted price on apps withing particular period tagline. These features limited to TV Shows and Movies listing but now all these features are open to app developers also.

Now you will able to see actual pricing of the App in strikethrough and discounted pricing above it with purchase button beside it. There is also present “Sale” written banner on it. Google has announced rule for a sale- the app must be available maximum 30% discount offer, and the deal should stay for a whole day and maximum for eight days. After the end of the sale, Developers have to wait for the sale to next 30 days.

These new features will be quite helpful for the consumer as well as developers. In a pilot run of the new purchase feature, Google says that now developers blessed up to twenty times more installations.

Google is also working on improving the visibility of games on Play Store. One tech geek announced that Google would promote games with high-quality gameplay. Moreover, the profile of games based on some installation, but now it will be based on quality as well. Google has fixed many issues and improving a lot of features to deliver high-quality user experience. Google wants to help small developers in reaching the wider audience by promoting games on quality.

Android Developers Blog also mentioned that Google is going to launching new high-quality games such as TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight, Injustice 2, Beartopia, Battle Breakers, and Virtual Rabbids to Play Store for providing high-quality gaming user experience. You can register for playing these games by clicking on this link.

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