Google Play Store Update Will Soon Get a ‘Refresh’ Button to Check App Updates

Google will soon allow users to check for updates on the Google Play Store app by using refresh button

Google will soon allow users to check for updates on the Google Play Store app by using refresh button, they reportedly been working on it to add a ‘refresh’ button on play store app. After the involvement of this ‘refresh’ button, the user will be able to check for updates for any app, by going to the app page in the Play Store app and clicking on the refresh button.

This ‘refresh’ button is just one of the many changes that you will see in the upcoming updates of Play Store; Google is working on more changes that will be introduced later this year. Users will see the refresh button after few months. Meanwhile, it is available for some selected users who are interested in testing version. Here we have the screenshot of the trial version or preliminary version of the play store app; you can see the little refresh button on it below:

play store

The current version also allows users to check for updates, but it’s all periodically means the app itself check for updates and user will be notified once the updates for their apps are available. So far, the user had to check manually also for the updates of his favorite app to download, by restarting the Play Store app. Now as Google working on this feature to enhance the user productivity, the new feature will surely be a huge benefit for the users who eagerly wait for updates. Also, it would be easier for everyone to check for updates faster.

Google have not revealed the exact timeline for the release of this updates, but as leaked images of testing version show that refresh button has been integrated openly so, we can expect Google will complete the testing within few months and users will be to download it worldwide.

Also, Google has been working on further more features on Play Store app. They are also trying to embed the algorithm in the interface for the user to allow the app sorting by size, date, and name. Not only this, but Google also trying to trim the Play Store by removing those apps which violate the privacy policy.

So, we can expect that in upcoming months Play Store would be improved by its features and a lot more user-friendly interface.

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