Google’s New PhotoScan App Let You Digitize Old Prints Easily


Apart from PhotoScan App, Google has updated its Photo app too adding two new features.

The main aim of Google Photos is to give you a home for all your photos. Google just expanded its horizon in that aspect such that it has made place for your old photos too that you took on a point and shoot in the 90’s. The company just released an app called PhotoScan for iOS and Android, this new app will make saving old printed picture in a digitized form on you phone easier. To add to it, Google also updated its existing Google Photo app and added new and exciting features.

PhotoScan steals the limelight though, without any doubt. According to engineers from Google who showed the app to the press today, PhotoScan will make you forget about the clicking a picture of a picture methods to get a digitized version of your old printed photos. It’s also a lot cheaper than sending pictures to a professional for scanning, not only this, it is also faster and more convenient than using a regular flatbed scanner.


When you launch the PhotoScan app, you are asked to line up your pictures within a border. Once the pictures are in order press the scan button, this will fire up your phone flash and it will start the process of getting a high-quality digitization of you printed picture. Four white circles will appear in different corners of the image. You will be asked to move your phone over each dot until it turns blue. Once all four dots have turned blue and the picture is scanned, the app will put together the final image.

When you move the phone to scan each dot, the app will take many images of the picture from different angles to limit the light glare — something Google mentioned to be the biggest reason in ruining digital images of photo prints. In actual, in Google’s tightly controlled demo setup where the app was shown, it worked perfectly. It was easy to see that the lights in the room cast glare on the printed picture and equally clear how the app managed to totally eliminate it in the final scan. The process is a bit abstract to be described but it worked as promised. We’ll need to test it further outside of Google’s environment, but the early results are definitely show that the app is good.

The app also lets you crop the image to remove any hint of the background surface the final photo, although it doesn’t usually happen. Once have scanned the image, the app asks you to save your scans. They will be saved to your phone’s storage; you can also upload them to Google Photos or the backup service of your choosing. Google specifically mentioned that they wanted this app to work outside Google Photos so people could scan images and use whatever option they want to back them up.


Apart from PhotoScan App, Google has updated its Photo app too adding two new features. The biggest change here is that there are many new photo-editing options added. The Google+ app actually used to have a pretty rigid set of editing options, but when Photos was released as a separate app, the editing features were significantly reduced.

Today Google Photo app for iOS and Android has a totally redefined set of editing tools. The Auto Enhance feature has been improved. The simple “light,” “color” and “pop” options that were in the previous Google Photos app have been massively expanded. Now, you can tap a triangle next to “light” or “color” to see a view with a lot many other editing tools like exposure, contrast highlights, saturation, warmth and so on. Lastly Google added 12 new filters.

Everything said, this is probably the biggest update to Google’s photo since it was launched in mid-2015. There are many other services that offer nearly unlimited photo backups, but Googles service is second-to-none. Google has access to all the data you upload on Google Photo, but that has been the way since long. And the best thing about PhotoScan is that you don’t even need to upload your pics. The updated version of Google Photo and PhotoScan will be available in the App Store and Google Play.

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