Google Maps Now Let You Create and Share Bucket Lists With Friends

Google Maps always use to be preferred by people to find out the places they want to go, but it’s a bit less preferred to plan your trips or the plan the place you want to go, But the situations with Google maps are changing now.

Today Google introducing the to-do list to Google maps in the form of Bucket Lists to make and plan the records of places you want to visit and  Google maps will let you share them with your friends.

It comes with pre-built options, such as ‘Favorites,’’ and ‘Want to,’ etc. and by filling them out and pointing to the ‘Save’ button, you can now search your place of interests. Also, you can create new lists as well.

Google Maps Bucketlist

Once you saved the lists, you can open them up by tapping on the “Your Places” section on the side menu and then by selecting the ‘Saved’ tab. Moving to the saved lists you can see the places you saved in your bucket list and generate the shareable link of them and share with your friends.

The most interesting part is when they will “Follow” your list, and whenever you make any change to the list, it will appear on their own Google Maps.

Google maps Bucketlist update

It’s not yet clear that friends can contribute or make changes to the lists you have created but I wish that there should be an option to make the already visited places as the list should remove the visited sites and you can add up some fresh ones.

But, Still I have wasted a lot of time creating new lists of places to visit with my friends, and it’s addictive, maybe with all of these upgrades, are Google maps trying to turn itself into a social media? Even with all this, the fun fact is that you can download the maps for your later offline use.

The new feature is rolling out today to Android, iOS, and the web. So, let us know what you think about this new feature in the comments.

Source: Google Blog

Ujjwal Sahay
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