Why Google Home Is Better Than Amazon Echo and Apple Home


People always do ask, Why Google Home Is Better Than Amazon Echo and Apple Home? So, here is the full comparison explained.

People always do ask, Why Google Home Is Better Than Amazon Echo and Apple Home. I understand it’s very hard to select one among the all three but once you get to know the technical aspects or you can say practical perspectives, the choice becomes automatically easier.

Amazon echo is very popular but now there is something which can compete with this.

Yes it’s none other than Google, recently Google had released Google home which is a voice controlled smart appliance. It is all set to compete with the Amazon echo.  It is going to be very interesting seeing the competition.

There are maximum similarities between the two such as playing music, controlling lights, answer the questions with voice, yes voice. But it will be more interesting to know that what special Google has which is going to beat the Amazon echo. Also, apple home is on the way. Soon it’s going to give both a tough competition but, as everyone knows that Google is Google, you can’t beat it.

Amazon echo was launched two years ago

The best thing about that which makes it very popular is its feature of interaction without sticking your eyes to the phone and with voice and words. It’s named Alexa. The extreme success of Amazon echo has encouraged Google to do something same but in a better way and which results in “Google home”. It’s launched in October, 2016.

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Google home looks more beautiful than the Amazon echo and surely it is going to be even beautiful than the so-called Apple home. Google home comes only in one size differ from that of Amazon echo which comes in three. Google home is better than Amazon echo because you need to wake Alexa, it is not always listening to you. You have to tap on the button in order to make it work.

I have both of them, I have been examined both and finally able to make differences and conclusion

I have the strengths and weakness of both and valid reason for why google is better. So, this article is going to help you out if you want to buy one for yourself or you are in a mood to gift it to someone. This article will definitely make you to have good decision and go for Google home.

So firstly, let’s compare the most wanted feature that is none other than music, there are several free and paid music services supported by Amazon echo such as Amazon music, prime music, Pandora, audible etc. here Amazon music is by default and here you need to enable the other services if you want to access them.

Now what about Google and what special it has regarding the music?

So, the answer of this question is that, Google home also supports a wide range of music services, including paid and free as well, such as YouTube, Pandora, Google music etc.

everyone is aware of the fact that YouTube is the leader in music, it has massive collection of music that Amazon can’t even think to beat. So, in music playing feature Google home wins as Amazon echo doesn’t support YouTube, so this simply means you can’t access all the songs with Amazon echo. Firstly, I thought that, maybe Amazon was able to match YouTube but unfortunately, I was totally wrong.

For the people of Germany who love German songs, Alexa is big failure comparing Google Home

To support this statement, I have an incident which has been mentioned. So, what happened, a couple organized a party and the guests wish to listen old German songs. When the couple asked Alexa to play old German songs they get a very disappointed reply. Alexa was failed to understand and said that she is not able to find the songs.

google home

And the same experiment I tried with my Google home and got a very satisfying result. After getting my order my Google home plays an old German song from 1930s from YouTube. And similarly, Alexa was not able to play thanksgiving songs and when the same order is given to Google, it immediately started playing the songs from YouTube. Same thing happened with the Indian music also. Google makes things very exciting for the music lovers just I am.

Now the second comparison is on the shopping experience of Google Home with others

I was shocked on the difference between the working of Alexa and Google home. I have read somewhere that alexa was not able to mention each aspects of the product so I thought of experimenting the same on my Alexa and Google home as well. And yes, Alexa was not able to give all the related information regarding the product and Google home gives all the information including overview of the product. Whenever you would ask about any product to Alexa she was in a mood to sell that product to you. You will get the same answer “Did you want me to order ****”.

Now the third comparison is very important as in the world of digitalization, only smarter survives. So, who is smarter Alexa or Google home? My answer is Google home. To support my opinion, I have something to tell you.

Alexa is unable to understand natural language and context as well

When a question regarding the size comparison of two countries is asked to Alexa, it failed to answer whereas Google gave a size comparison of the two countries.

Google knows what you are talking about once you have started conversation with Google home. When you are using Google home you will feel like you are talking to your best friend who knows almost everything about you but when you are using Amazon echo you will get the feeling of using a machine.

amazon-echo-vs-google home

Now the most important feature, the privacy, Alexa was not able to disable the microphones when you tell it to stop listening whereas Google immediately disables the microphones just after getting the order.

Now the conclusion, which one to buy Google home or Alexa? Here my work is over I have given the comparison among the major features. In my view, Google home has clear edge in comparison to Amazon echo in every department and one would prefer to buy Google home as it offers natural conversation and also it has updated features.

This is major comparison between Amazon echo and Google home and surely apple home also can’t beat Google and in case if it does so the price would be very high. So, Google home is the best. It will be very interesting to see whether apple is able to beat Google home or not.

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Why Google Home Is Better Than Amazon Echo and Apple Home
Why Google Home Is Better Than Amazon Echo and Apple Home
Why Google Home Is Better Than Amazon Echo and Apple Home, also comparison between google home Vs alexa echo Vs apple home and why google home is best
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