Girl On Tinder Revelealed Her Personalised Experience Beyond Your Expectations

I just joined - TINDER!!!

I am on a one week trial. Trying it for the good of the general public. I am going to tell you what others won't. The ads, the reviews are just to dupe you. The ones who found love believe in the sanctity of the app, others can't stop cursing it. But the end point is they all still use it.

Firstly I am going to tell you how I stumbled upon the app. We have all heard about it and about hundred others like it but we rubbish them away as fake and partly because it makes us feel pathetic about ourselves to even consider online dating. This is the stereotype. I consider myself open minded but was still governed by these general opinions.

About a month ago I heard Hillary Duff's new single "Sparks" and I fell in love with the song and the video. For those who haven't seen it, see it now. Just to summarise the video starts with Hillary talking to a Rj about her profile on Tinder. The Rj is surprised and so are we. Why would a popular, successful, super hot and super cute girl like her join Tinder. There is no way she can face problems in scoring dates and all she says is- it's fun. It is.

This planted the first seeds of Tinder in my head.
But I saw the video a month ago so why did I wait?

A video isn't enough, I needed personal assurance that it actually worked and my initial thoughts about everyone using fake profiles was baseless. In the busy hustle bustle of life, I forgot all about it. Till one day two of my friends and I were hanging out after class dissing our lonely, single lives and I jokingly confessed to thinking about joining an online dating site, but chickened out at the last minute. I felt so pathetic. I am in my 20s and already facing a midlife crisis. The books and movies have ensured that online dating is for hopeless retards who have no scope in real life. They couldn't be more wrong.

Now I had hoped my friends would laugh at me, make me the target of their jokes but surprisingly they encouraged me to join. Only these two weren't against it or mocking it. They also gave me examples of their relatives and friends who were getting married! All because of Tinder!

My fascination reached new heights. I pondered on it for a solid 10 hours. Made pros and cons and ultimately I took a leap of faith and went ahead.
So what if nothing good comes from this, atleast it will make a good blog post. Trying new things is what I am all about (in my fantasies). I downloaded the app, this happened on Sunday at 8'O clock in the night. I told my flatmates who were condescending (as expected) but also excited since none of us had tried it before. We all huddled together on one bed and started.

So my 1 week trial is over, do I delete the app?
I am not telling you now. Let's start from the starting. First thing first - How does Tinder really work?

1. You have to create an account, obviously. But that account is already created. On your Facebook!
Yes, it's true. Tinder links your facebook account without which you cannot join. Pretty good safety measure. Minimises the chances of fake people.

2. Once your account is created, you need to specify the specifications. Like who are you looking for - man/woman/both. The specified area around you like 5kms or 10 miles. This is only area where Tinder will find your prospective matches. Then the age group you are looking for, 20-25 or 30-40.

3. Once this is done you can edit how your profile appears to others. Tinder by itself selects 4-5 of your fb display pics to be posted on your profile. you can change them or delete them. You can write a brief bio about yourself or anything witty.

4. After everything is done, tinder shows your first name and age, apart from the 1st pic.

(Now obviously you won't get Ryan here ( *_*), but this is what a profile looks like.)
The number 8 along with the icon of a person shows the number of common connections on fb and the 22 along the book icon shows that many common interests based on the fb likes.

5. Your profile is ready, go get matched.

6. You need a GPS for this, since it uses your location.

7. Now on the main page profiles of people are going to pop up, one after the other.

8. Here comes the best part - Swiping!
This is according to me, the best feature of tinder. Swipe left or right.

9. This is how it goes..
  • Only one profile shows up. So you need to like or dislike it to get to the next one.
  • Swiping right means you like it.
  • Swiping left means Nope.
  • Now you can open the person's profile to decide. The initial homescreen shows only the name, age and pic.
  • When you open the profile you browse through the other pics, if any. Read the bio. Then you can get back and decide. Swipe left or right. (P.S. mostly it is left)

 10. If you have swiped right for a person and that other person while browsing through his list has swiped a right for you too, then congratulations! IT'S A MATCH!

11. In your texts column ( after the homescreen) , that profile is going to show up. So you can be the bigger person and text first or wait for his.

12. Many doubts pop up like it would be so embarrassing when you like a person and he doesn't. No worries. If he never swiped right for you, he will never know you did. There is no way for the other person to know. So if you do get matched and you will, remember it was both of you taking an  individual, non-influenced decision.

*But if someone annoys you
or acts cheap, go to the options and unmatch. That person is off your list and you can relax. Tinder even asks you the problem with that person, be truthful and fill it out. Just takes 30 seconds. You will be helping someone with your input.

Now I don't have to tell you what to do after this.
Go. Get started. The man or woman of your dreams is out there.
Don't let him get away by being too egoistic and not messaging.
And if he does message first, ladies, reply.

These are the basics about Tinder. I learnt it along as I went. You won't face the same problem. Lucky you!

But this post tells nothing about my experiences which are many.

So read on.

There's so much more to come.

I am so excited!

And you have to wait..
(laughing inside)

I can't decide what to post and what not!
So many crazy people in the world!

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