How To Submit Your Startup To TechCrunch Disrupt?

So you want to participate in TechCrunch Startup Battle?

These are some keys to raise your startup and to be the part of TechCrunch.

Be Natural



TC always work to get huge number of firms each day providing them press releases foreach previous product released. What little large company doesn’t wish to be covered? Need to think about what can get your attention and hold you engaged with it. It can be one’s title, their product features, bio for the product, and any other related content should be as relevant and interesting as can possible.

Be Interesting:

Maybe one is attempting to be fully serious and give privacy tools for the enterprise and there is lack of easiness in the business.But if you are initiating a user orientated startup then there is always little bit looseness always required to meet the market demand.


Show the talent:

Show them a bit your well side. If you are starting for the untidy startup story then shown them the ambitiousness in yourself and work out of it, can send some pictures them if you wish for.



Be determined:

A person initially just filled the contact form but not received any reply. Then improvised and sent the similar content to the site, still did not get any response, then sent them one extra email saying we are pushed for the timing (determination). And they finally answered and the further process got initiating. Need to be determined and persistent to achieve the required moto.



Consider providing them the leaving aside.

Be authentic and pleasant:

One is not there to explain or describe them how to do their work. Need to give the genuine and authentic briefing of the job. In other words one can display the authentic portrait of their product and briefing of the company. If you go for complicating the process will likely lower your chance or will out from anywhere.

Proper Convincing Power:

While there is always abundance of news going on in this giant technical growing world, provide them adequate interesting and genuine content about the product and group that they can develop a narrative. Well-Established company of few workers is not “startup” feeling sufficient; seems too developed. Know your investors, who they are, anyone have any startup tech background, Any kind of these can jump you into the top brands or tech giants that are all over TechCrunch daily, will assist you to receive the attention of TG.


In one way, this is all our common sense, but sometimes I think we have framed ourselves to perform like the drones, but in reality we are the human being far more than the drones.

No Need to Blast the Email:

The writer individually and exactly one writer per email should send. Please do not blast an email to the TechCrunch, as they will not feel they are providing any required scoop. As similar to one hate abundance of mails in their inbox press too hates huge amount of emails.

Read Proper Terms of the site:

Proper go through the TechCrunch to estimate what they cover and requirement to meet their needs.

Be Specific:

Needs to be specific and creative because already huge number of similar are available in the global network.


Product should satisfy the customer needs:

After all what we perform technically if it is not in favor of the consumer then, how can it get success? Your product should always meet the standards and meets the competitive requirement.

Should solid Impact:

Your product must have solid impact on the company which will depend on your innovation and previous research because in competitive world something different required to overcome all the setbacks.


Check on Crunchbase :

For brands similar to yours. Then can compare yours and what outstanding were in that one and what is not present in yours, this can increase your chances to get entry into TC. At the last, the abilities needed to enter in TC are the similar skills needed of any successful and well-established entrepreneur: Need to frame awesome stuff and away from fake content, know how to get pace for your product, and need to work how to reach your voice into the audience’s ear through everyone else is distracting and shouting.

Akash Shakya
Akash Shakya is the senior editor and covers everything related to Entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he found helping people to grow their startup to stand out in the competition. Along with that Akash is the Co-Founder himself. Get in touch with him at akash@enzuke.com
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