Galaxy S8 Signup Page Leaked and Shows Phone’s Actual Screen to Device Ratio

Galaxy S8 signup page leaked

Galaxy S8 Signup Page Leak States Top and Bottom Part of Phone Covered With Metal

As the release date of the Galaxy S8 draws near, the speculations reach their zenith, with almost a new leak every day. And with the latest leak, we can say that Samsung itself wants us to know what to expect from the upcoming Galaxy S8, as the leak comes from Samsung’s Sign up page itself. From what is available on the page we can be pretty sure what to expect when it comes to the design of the much awaited Galaxy S8.

The leak shows the flagship model with metal body as top and bottom of the screen and remaining all comes as a display. This leak cases from Evan Blass and the sign-up page in the leak is identical to the Galaxy Tab S3 announcement page.

The leak supports the earlier speculations that the Galaxy S8 and its variants will have a higher screen to body ratio than its predecessor. The one negative point the was highlighted in the leak was that the upcoming Galaxy S8 wouldn’t have the extended display model.

Galaxy S8 Signup Page Leak States Top and Bottom Part of Phone Covered With Metal

This means that the customer will have to pay the premium for the phone and the gripping won’t be that comfortable either. The curved edge display is more of an aesthetic feature that of much use. People in possession of the Galaxy S7 hasn’t benefitted much from this feature.

The second thing that became apparent with this leak is that dual camera configuration won’t present in the Galaxy S8. Instead, there is a single lens with a fingerprint sensor situated next to it. The fingerprint sensor will have a click feature which can be used to summon Samsungs personalized assistant Bixby.

What we know so far is that the Galaxy S8 will sport a 5.8-inch QHD AMOLED display whereas the Galaxy S8 Plus will sport a 6.2-inch display. Both the phones are set to be officially launched in 21st April.

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