The Future of Self-driving Cars: When will it be a reality?

There has been a progress in carrying forward the initiative by big companies.

The evolution of man as a mature, intellect and highly advanced being in the world has been remarkable throughout this long journey of his progress, since his very first invention-the fire-thousands of years ago. Now, it can be said that the development of human brain has reached at a level of genius, literally. Life is more comfortable and easy-to-live, thanks to many of the great technological revelations that the world has witnessed with the aid of the ‘human mind’s play. Now, what’s next? Is there anything left for making the life easier? Yes. The automobiles!

The significance of mobility in today’s world is a necessity which can’t be overlooked from any aspect, whatsoever. The immediate urge of reaching place-to-place in no time, is far from reality, as the increasing traffic across the globe is minimizing speed and elongating time-just not acceptable to get away with. Besides all these matters of serious concern, the important element is of convenience. Many times, it happens with almost each of us that while being on-the-go, you get a very unignorable and highly urgent call, from the office or from any of your close ones, for immediate response; and you are left dejected to either receive it or just keep driving, keeping in mind the repercussions of driving and talking-on-phone, simultaneously. If you receive, then you will consume time to reach your desired destination and eventually get late. And if you don’t reply back, then too, it would be not a nice thing from your end. Sometimes, it does happen that you forget to navigate the directions of your respective route! Now, it’s just not a trivial thing to forget.



So, what can be the ultimate solution of all this? How can you both commute and travel, without any delay and reach your destination faster? And how can you become assured of your directions, without having a doubt of any wrong turn? Well, the remedy for all of your travel-related hiccups may be just a few years away-the self-driving cars! It’s no big thing today-yes, it’s not. As, I have already mentioned above that, the human brain is advancing at an unexpected rate and you can always expect some unthinkable innovations, anytime-sooner or later. But the case of driver-less cars is an extreme one as the navigation aspect becomes a vital part for a driver and imagining that the autonomous cars will possess the same kind of accuracy for uneven twists and turns, is a little shaky, but not at all unbelievable, courtesy some tremendous demonstrations, not so long ago, by few of the tech-giants, who are working on a regular basis to make the lives of people more convenient, than what it is now.


Google’s ambitious project of self-driving cars has been commendable, so far.


Google, Tesla, General Motors, and even Apple Inc., are all taking-up a step further, in making the mobility much better, unobstructed and safer, for the coming generations. Google’s open-sourced project ‘Tensor Flow of autonomous cars is fast catching up pace, thanks to its dynamic structure where everyone, in and out, can give suggestions and data for carrying out improvised results in areas of Artificial Intelligence, with the company doing rapid and constant improvements over some issues. Car-maker Tesla has introduced its ‘AutoPilot concept which uses features like smart parking assistants and automatic lane-changing functionalities. Tech giant Apple, is also said to be working on an autonomous car project for which it has already hired some Blackberry engineers to design a car OS (Operating System). There have been some rumors on Apple wanting to buy the supercar maker McLaren, for initializing it’s yet, undeclared ‘iCar concept’.


People relaxing comfortably inside a Mercedes Benz F-015 concept car, launched in CES 2015.


There cannot be a denial of this coming revolution, as it will only make the world a better place to exist in. The foremost advantage of self-driving cars would be that that they will enhance the air quality as it is certain that they will run on electricity instead of petrol or diesel, as is the situation today. More free space will be available for constructing other important buildings like hospitals, schools, and also for footpaths, side-walks and parks, as people would not own the cars but just take services of them for travelling one destination to another. Hence, no congested place full of vehicles, anymore. And as there will be no human drivers, it will be a better and rightly coordinated driving by driver-less cars, for maintaining brings down the traffic jam on the road. In other words, you can say it to be, a ‘car-to-car conversation’ for creating an invisible communication. So, now it’s likely that in the next 5-6 years, you will get to see some ‘stress-free’ roads hopefully, or most probably.


Akash Shakya
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