Four Things You May Not Aware About New Nokia 3310

Nokia 3310

Nostalgic, Yes, it is. But probably it is Not Durable.

The brand new Nokia 3310 is simply an absolute blast from the past, without a doubt. But, there are many things about Nokia 3310 which you probably don’t know. To be more precise there are only four things.

Underneath All That Nostalgia the Nokia 3310 Has Some Hidden Secrets

The brand-new Nokia 3310, as cool as it may seem, carries the heritage of the original phone forward in a very surprising and exciting manner. Admittedly, it came packed with individual elements that make it far more better and superior than its predecessor, but it casually falls short in some places where a modern phone just should not. So, with that in mind, here are four things all about the new Nokia 3310 which you probably don’t know.

Number 1: Nokia 3310 Support for 2G Networks Only

That might not sound like a deal-breaker to a lot of people. But when it comes to residents in the Canada, or United States it becomes a cause of concern massively. Why? What is the reason behind this? Simply it is because the countries as mentioned above (like the United States and Canada) are phasing out 2G networks as we speak. Even if you get yourself a 3310, you will have to make sure, or you do your research regarding which network you are going to use it.

Nokia 3310

Number 2: There is No Front-Facing Camera

Come on people. These days everything has a front-facing camera. With a 2-megapixel camera at its back, what exactly has happened during the designing phase of Nokia where Nokia was compelled to leave out the front-facing camera from the entire package? Come on even Microsoft’s Nokia 230 has a front-facing camera! I’m not nitpicking (fault-finding) here, but it’s my guarantee that this addition alone could have boosted the credentials of the phone by a huge margin.

Number 3: There is No App Ecosystem at All

As we all know the phrase “What you buy is what you get.” Don’t you dare to expect to fire up an app store or something to download a brand-new app for Facebook, Twitter or something else? Do not expect any smarts from it as Series 30+ is a real feature phone OS.

Number 4: Nostalgic, Yes, it is. But probably it is Not Durable.

The original Nokia 3310 falls into the category of ‘indestructible phone,’ until or unless you cross the limits of force. But, let me tell you that the newer model bears no stamp of durability on it. In fact, for further details, if you go to the phone’s official landing page, there is no word of it being as durable as the original. Basically, please don’t go out and put it under a hydraulic press just yet.

Nokia 3310 released at mwc 2017 3

Wrapping Up

There’s no doubt in that the Nokia 3310 is a great phone for what it’s worth. But it would have been great if HMD Global had made some extra effort or went an extra mile ahead to make the phone slightly more useful.

I think that I’m asking for too much from a phone that is not meant to be a leader.

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