Finally The Wait Is Over. Pictures Of Big Boss House Is Out.

No more Count Down!

Finally the countdown is over and the show is airing on Colors on Sunday, Oct 16,2016.

 But before the show begins, the first look of the house is revealed by Salman Khan on Twitter. The handsome host, Salman is standing inside the house. As it is universally known, the house is very much bright and colourful. Salman has revealed the pictures of the garden area of the house. The garden area is full of greenery. The house is situated somewhere in LONAVALA. Colors have also revealed the names of the contestants and few among them are, GAURAV CHOPRA, BANI J and KARAN CHOPRA.

Cool Private Chalet for the hosts

Even the host of the show is also provided with his private chalet. The chalet is made for him so that he can rest before and after the shots. The chalet has been very carefully designed with everything that Salman likes. It is very luxuriously fitted with each and everything which a star need for him.

The strong Gym area

Top priority has been given to gyming area, as gym is the favourite spot of Salman. All the equipements of gym are fitted in his chalet.

Salmaan's Trending photographs in the Bedrooms

There is a separate kitchen an bedroom for him. There is a very huge living room with a very big sized Salman's photograph in the background. A long couch too is kept for the relaxing purpose. Salman loves to eat his food in the garden area so ffor him a chair and table is set-up outside so that he can enjoy his meal.

The Patience Test!

The most exciting thing is that there are number of celebs in the show whether it being movie or any tv stars. Staying under one roof under different ambience requires a lot of challenge which different celebs fail to cope up, sometimes like ego clashes or divergent mindset.

Patience level is checked among them i.e how well they deal with a situations and most eminently chief chaos are carried out here on the set. For some clashes abusive words are exchanged but that is the part of scenario. Last but not the least love scenes take place which make it more viberant. At the end finalists put all their efforts to reach the final stage but voting is their cardio which dedcides who will uplift the trophy. That is how winner is decided and by each passing year the craze of bigg boss is earning tremendous response from the audience.

As the show is about to begin, we hope that the best man or woman wins.

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