Most Stylish and Bold Female Characters in Video Games Ever

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The coolest and uniquely depicted girls in PC games are here…

Thinking of most stylish and bold female characters in video games ever, it’s true that we love video games, like our every other favorite interest, and unarguably, the characters are always unforgettable as each game gives a different feel and adrenaline rush, which is just amazing! The game characters are, without any question, most essential part of the video games which is the core reason for their unending popularity. They influence us in many ways and if it comes to the female ones? Female characters in video games have been depicted in many different forms, and most of them are awesome-looking regarding cold looks no doubt. Some are way better regarding style statement and the final appearance! Have a look at some of the best and dynamically awesome looking female game characters.

1. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider Reboot Series)


Lara Croft in Tomb Raider reboot franchise was so catchy with all toughness and hardcore attire, like a real fighter!

Lara Croft is damn gorgeous. Well, you can’t put it in other words. Since the release of the reboot franchise, in 2013, the attraction for Lara has only got unprecedentedly high. But apart from being extremely impressive by looks, she is also remarkable in her costumes. In the re-energized Tomb Raider game, she can be seen as a toughened and hard-core survivor who fights it all to seek out dark and hidden secrets. In earlier versions of Tomb Raider too, she was, no doubt, unexpectedly beautiful and superb in appearances, but there, she was depicted more as a desirable object than a character. And it was noticeable from every angle! The reboot series, on the other hand, gave Lara Croft, that entire identity as a figure of smartness and awesomeness, simultaneously. She can be termed as the leader of having a ‘supreme personality’ among digital females.

2. Lightning aka Claire Farron (Final Fantasy Series)

ri (The Witcher Series)

Lightning aka Claire Farron as the character in Final Fantasy XIII-2 game.

She can be termed as a trendsetter regarding her killing appearance and get-up. There’s more to her than being just a nice-looking girl. She is wise and capable of using every kind of art in fighting hard battles. Before the Final Fantasy XIII-2, she was a nobody, being a not-so-important one, in the character list. But then, it was like a resurrection for her as, the ‘Lightning Returns,’ proved to be a benchmark game for all the gamers out there and also solidified the craze of Lightning, being bold, intelligent and beautiful.

3. Triss Merigold (The Witcher Series)

Triss Merigold (The Witcher Series)

Triss Merigold is a fascinating and inevitable part of the Witcher series.

Too sexy for a game character like her! Yeah, it’s extreme, but that’s true when it comes to Triss Merigold, the most fantabulous female of the Witcher game series. The game itself is an amazing one, but it’s got some of the most amazingly looking characters regarding visual styles. And Triss has got that with appropriateness and in right proportions. She assists the protagonist of the game in his every fatal encounter with evil spirits, and yes, she is his love interest too! You can keep staring her with your eyes being opened all wide! Though, being an integral part of the game’s story, she has been depicted in some of the intimate scenes, at times, in few of the game moments. Well, it wasn’t required, that much, as she is already so adorable and laudable than having been overly sexualized.

4. Tifa Lockhart (Final Fantasy Series)

Female game

Tifa Lockhart is equipped with everything, needed for a full-on combat fighter.

Another damn gorgeous figure in the Final Fantasy Series! Tifa Lockhart is supremely talented and can do anything. By that I mean, she can do anything to outsmart her enemies with high capabilities. Don’t get it otherwise. She first came on the scene in 1997 in the Final Fantasy Game VII. Her appearance reminds you of a robust and stiff soldier who stops at nothing, to achieve, what is to be achieved. The styling of her costume is done brilliantly and never bores you with her variations. Thankfully, it’s a game character! If real, then definitely she would have been my crush!

5. Commander Master Shepard (Mass Effect Series)

Commander Master Shepard (Mass Effect Series)

Commander Shepard of Mass Effect series was believed to be a male. But after a disclosure by a developer of the game, in 2015, it was clarified that it was a woman!

The armored look of the famous Commander Shepard in Mass Effect series is pure genius. There is something to her appearance that keeps you engaged in the game’s story and also in her too. But purely, as a gamer and nothing more than that. Earlier, many users and people were ignorant of the fact, that the ultimate protagonist of the game’s franchise was a female, instead of a male! But, after a former developer came out to clarify on this, then it was justified thoroughly; that it had to be her only, rather than a rough-tough looking male counterpart. No matter, the game is liked by everyone who likes Commander Shepard.

6. Ciri Female Character (The Witcher Series)

Female game

Ciri is an understated character, yet an important part of the Witcher series. You can’t skip her.

The Witcher game series is known for high-intensity action and also some highly-intensified sequences involving unusual activities by different characters. I won’t go into details here, as more important is the character, than the scenes. Ciri has looks that can turn heads like anything unique in itself. Ignoring her becomes a difficult task when it comes to the particular personality and the clothing. She is styled good, keeping in mind the right things for what to look for and what not to. And I am glad; they skipped her part of showing what wasn’t required. Having just a glance at her, can make you tilted-surprisingly and in a manner of liking for her. Hats off to the makers of the game and the character designer for Ciri, obviously.

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