What Does Your Favorite Colour Reveal About Your Personality?

Discover yourself in a 'colourful' way.

We all have favorites, right? Whether it is a movie, song or food, there is always one which stands out from the rest and holds a special place in our hearts. However, with new releases, these favorites become good old memories of the past and get replaced by new ones. But, there is one exception in this field which rarely changes with the passage of time, your favorite colour. But, have you ever thought that your favorite colour can also reveal a lot about your personality?

So if you wish to know what your favorite colour says about your personality and behavioral traits then this article is just for you!


If blue is your favorite colour then you are a calm, cool and reliable person who finds peace in places where other people often fail to. Blue, the colour of the ocean, is often associated with tranquility. You are a deep personality and appear to be strong and confident. But, beneath this surface, lies a vulnerable and stormy side too which tends to remain hidden from the rest of the world. Apart from that, you are also caring and giving for those around you and easy to get along with.


If the colour red draws your attention, then you are bold, loud and full of energy. You are a spontaneous soul and crave for anything that gives you an adrenaline rush. You never miss an opportunity to be the center of attention and give your best to make a lasting impression on others. In addition, you are passionate, boisterous and ambitious and live life to the fullest.


You are a bright and happy soul if the colour of the sunshine is what you adore. You don’t just limit the vibes of positivity and glee to yourself, but try to cheer up those around you as well. It takes a certain type of personality to prefer yellow over all the other colours. It involves a level of optimism which is generally seen in infants and fades as one gets older. Also, you have a curious mind which is always eager to learn and discover new things. All in all, you are an optimistic idealist.


Green symbolizes renewal and peace. If you like green colour then, you are most likely to be gentle, loyal and stable. You desperately want to feel secure both in terms of finance as well as relationships. Being a social butterfly, you also wish to be viewed as an important figure in your social circle.


The colour white has strong connotations with purity. If white is your favorite colour then you are a simple, independence-loving and positive personality. You are optimistic about life and always look at the brighter side of things. Apart from that, you are also detail-oriented which makes you a very meticulous person.


Highly sophisticated, strong-willed and determined are the characteristics that describe you if black is the colour of your choice. You are enigmatic in nature which may indicate hidden depths and longings. In addition, you want power and prestige and work diligently towards achieving your goals.


If your favorite colour is brown then you are humble, modest and dependable. You are a kind and patient person who loves responsibility but has a tendency to be obstinate and inflexible. Your comforting nature makes others want to confide in you.


If you prefer pink then you tend to be soft, naïve and prefer a sheltered life. You desire affection and like to feel secure which makes you appear delicate and fragile. Also, you are a nurturer and tend to give more than receive from others.


If you are drawn to the colour purple then you are a unique character favoring mysticism over reality. You are an intuitive soul in search of the deeper meaning of life, always carefully observing intricate details of the things that come your way. Apart from that, you are temperamental and fastidious because you tend to take everything you experience very deeply.


orange color

Orange is the colour of flamboyance and restlessness. If you adore orange colour then you are fun-loving, friendly and like a lively social circle. You may also desire to be the center of attention and are not likely to have many serious thoughts.


grey color

The colour gray lies between black and white, not completely on either end. Similarly, if gray is your favorite colour then you are likely to be indecisive, detached and afraid of commitment. You don’t have any major likes or dislikes and tend to be boring and emotionless.
Ujjwal Sahay
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