Important Facts on Why You should Smile Everyday

I went to buy groceries with my mother to a reputed retail store today. When we were done, we stood at the billing counter and patiently waited for our turn. While we were standing in the queue, my flickering attention was caught by the boy behind the counter. He smiled at each customer when they approached him to make a bill of their purchases. After observing the scenario for a while, I realized that his smile actually had a positive impact on the customers. Whatever state of mind the customer might have previously been in, the moment they were at his counter, things seemed to lighten up with his warm smile. I observed that whoever left his counter, departed from the store with not only a bag full of groceries but also a huge grin on their faces.

Finally, it was our turn and we kept the heavy basket of goods on the counter. My mother and I were taking out the items one by one when he gave us a warm smile and offered to help. His dedication towards his work took me by surprise. At that moment I comprehended that the boy at the counter was not only doing his job, but was also spreading smiles across the faces of those he encountered with. It was simply the smile accompanied with his routine work that made all the difference. This amazing experience at the store today reminded me a vital lesson that had escaped from my mind in the hustle bustle of life- the wonder that a simple smile is capable of doing! So, read on to learn some fascinating facts that will surely have you smiling a lot more often.

Smiling lowers stress and anxiety

A never-ending list of problems has now become part and parcel of every person’s life. With problems come stress and anxiety that intend to chuck out happiness from every corner of your life. But, does that mean you stop smiling? ‘No’ is what should be the answer. Smiling releases a chemical called endorphins which manages stress and anxiety levels and in turn, makes you happier. So, next time when your life throws problems at you, you know well which weapon to use!

Smiling is contagious

Studies report that by simply looking at a person who is smiling, the area of your brain which controls facial movements gets activated and leads to you smiling back. So, if you ever come across a person who is upset or distressed, just smile and notice him mimic your expression.

Strengthens immune system

Smiling makes your immune system stronger by helping your body produce more white blood cells to fight illness. Hence, it enables your immune system to react more quickly and effectively to unwanted invaders.

A smile makes you seem more trustworthy and approachable

From a psychological perspective, a person who is smiling is considered to be more trustworthy and approachable than those who are either frowning or holding a neutral expression. So, if you wish to make new friends and increase your social circle, you now know the trick!

Makes you look younger

Studies have shown that smiling makes you look around 3 years younger on an average! So, bid good bye to all those anti ageing creams that burn a hole in your pocket and try out this new inexpensive method.

Smiling boosts your productivity

That grin on your face can earn you some appreciation at your workplace too. Study reveals that smiling does not only end with a mood boost but also increases your productivity.

Makes you more attractive

Group of happy friends against white background
Now who does not wish to be attractive? It is proven that smiling makes you look more attractive and this applies for both men and women. So, all the ladies should now know that the most beautiful make-up that they can wear is their smile!


The benefits of smiling are not short term and restricted to your external looks only. Study reveals that people who smile more often live longer too.

Free of cost!

Group of mixed race young people smiling outdoors
Last but not the least, smiling does not require you to make an extra effort and is free of cost!

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