Weird facts from Steve Jobs’s life that you never knew!

The great Apple Co-founder is known to be a rather simple man.

Everyone has secrets and some hidden truths that rarely does one get to know. And if it’s about a man whose vision of technology changed the entire world in an epic revolution-which none of us witnessed ever, before in the history, then it would be very enchanting to know those hidden secrets which proved to be the core, behind Steve Jobs as he came to be known as, among us. The late Apple genius is remembered for his remarkable contribution to the company’s innovative products, but there are some little dots which can get unnoticed in his life journey. It’s time to explore them all. Let’s go on this enchanting exploration!

1. Steve Jobs was, half Arab-biologically. His biological father was Syrian, while his mother, an American.

2. Not many of you would be knowing this that Mr. Jobs was a pescetarian, that is, he used to eat no meat except fish!


Steve Jobs with his friend and co-founder, Steve Wozniak during the early years.  Image source

3. Jobs and his Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak met in high school. Wozniak was 18, while Jobs was just 13 years old at that time.


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4. Attending classes unofficially, Jobs struggled to get through. He had to sleep on his friends’ dorm room floors; he used to return Coke bottles for money and survived off free meals from the local Hare Krishna temple.

5. Steve Jobs accepted that he never liked his school structure and preferred unconventional ways of studying. He had a low GPA shockingly-being just 2.65!

6. Traveling around India, he spent 7 months experimenting psychedelic drugs and finally adopting the practices of Zen Buddhism.


7. When he was working at Atari, he barely got a shower and would walk around barefoot in the Atari Offices. Thus, the company moved him to the night shift.

8. He once stole from his friend and co-founder Wozniak! When they both first created the Breakout game for Atari, they planned to split the pay 50-50. Though Atari gave Jobs $5000, he told Wozniak that the company paid only $700, leaving Woz to take home just $350, while Jobs pocketed the other $4650.


Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak, the three early founders of Apple Inc. Image source

9. There was a third founder of Apple, indeed. His name was Ronald Wayne, who designed the company’s first logo also. But just after two weeks of partnering with Jobs and Wozniak, he sold his 10% stake for just and just $800. Wish he could regret that decision!


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10. Just after being ousted from Apple in that tragic year 1985, he tried to apply for flying a Space Shuttle as a civilian astronaut (not to say that he was definitely rejected). After that, he also tried to start a computer company in the Soviet Union.

11. Jobs and his biological sister Mona Simpson were both naturally artistic and shared much in common. Although later in his life, he ended up connecting with her.

12. He wasn’t a philanthropist. In his early days at Apple, he rather cut the company’s philanthropic programs, saying they would return when the company was more profitable. And despite the enormous success of Apple, the charitable programs were never revived.

13. Steve Jobs, the co-founder of the company notes that Jobs never learned how to code a program!

14. Steve Jobs was once invited by Bill Clinton to spend the night sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom of the White House.


Steve Jobs driving his SL 55 AMG. Image Source

15. Jobs never put a license plate on his cars (despite driving them constantly). But how come? The answer behind it was that California has a rule that a car owner has six months to put plates on a new car. He used to just change cars to the identical model, every six months. This way he could drive without having plates on his cars!

16. Jobs also served as a mentor for Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, sharing some of his advises also, with them.

17. Apple, Disney properties (Disneyland and Disneyworld) and Microsoft flew their flags at half-staff when Jobs died.


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18. Sunday, October 16, 2011, was declared Steve Jobs Day by the Governor of California, Jerry Brown.


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