How To Pick The Right Facebook Strategy And KPIs For Your Brand

Tips on How To Pick The Right Facebook Strategy And KPIs For Your Brand and how to get more facebook engagements to your new brand.

It is a well-known fact that nobody would get into a vehicle driven by a blind person. If you won’t travel blindly when why would you do the same with your social strategy for your brand? If you are investing in a social strategy without proper insights and research did it is inevitable that you will fail.

After an analysis of an array of brands social media measurement preferences, it was seen that over the year many brands were focusing on fan growth and engagement rates while ignoring other factors such as shareability and site visits from socials. Many metrics define social performance, and it ‘s hard to track them all.

Brands do not pay much attention to customer care and ads, and that is a mistake. Nearly 22 million questions were asked by customers on Facebook and Twitter in 2014. And $8.5 billion was the social media ad expense in the US alone.

Social media has matured through the year, and brands now have to measure how the social media impacts their business thoroughly. And they should keep in mind to choose metrics that are not just the favorite ones but the ones that affect their business.

Here we will show you how to setup workflow and KPI measurement for your social term so that you get the desired output.

Social Media Workflow And Brand Strategy

Your social media existence should not just be focused on one factor. Social media is an interconnection of various factors – a workflow. There are three components for a smart and fruitful campaign on social media.

  1. Publish and optimize content
  2. Manage and engage your community.
  3. Promote and amplify your

These three components are essentials of any social media campaign. The only thing that differs is the focus based on industry and objective.

Now I will familiarize you with three basic social media campaign strategies with their respective metrics.

Proactive Strategy

Typical Industry.      FMGG, Automobile

Objective.            Brand Awareness

Most Important KPI    Fan Growth, Reach, Awareness

The primary concern for brands using this approach is fan engagement, growing on and off social media audience and actively spreading their message and topics related to the campaign. This is done by creating stunning and engaging content and supporting it by paying ad spend.

To measure their progress and improve their performance, such brands should analyze fan growth, reach and interaction per thousand fans Facebook, Twitter and other networks.

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Reactive Strategy

Typical Industry.          Telco, Finance

Objective.                Client Care and Advertising

Most relevant KPIs.      Response Rate, Response time and clicks

This approach is best suited for brands who want to utilize social media for customer care or advertising platform. These brands don’t have a significant need to spread their brand’s message. Instead, they have to protect and strengthen their brand’s reputations, and they do so by providing client care and catering to the needs of their audience. They enhance their social care presence. They answer the questions posted by customers on social media quickly and efficiently. Many use social media for hard sell offers in hopes of gaining clients on the network.


Balanced Strategy

Industry.              Airlines and e-commerce             

Objective.             Client care, advertisement brand awareness  

Most Important KPI    Response Rate, Response Time, Clicks

This is the solution for those that aim to be everything for everyone in social media. This strategy creates brand awareness with its content and promoted posts and advertising with their products and services and also respond and engage with their audience at the same time.

All the three components are critical here so that the brands can analyze how effectively they are reaching their audience, how quickly they are responding to the queries and how successful is the generation of engagement in via their content.


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What All Of It Means

Each industry has its goal on social media. Some want to create brand awareness while some might focus on direct sales. The key here is the identify your goal and then plan your marketing strategy according to it. Then see the project through from idea to publication to promotion to reporting.

Track and measure various KPIs each of which has its importance in social media marketing strategies. With the right tools and correct guidance, you can give your audience what they want to see and get for yourself the result that you desire.

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How To Pick The Right Facebook Strategy And KPIs For Your Brand
How To Pick The Right Facebook Strategy And KPIs For Your Brand
Tips on How To Pick The Right Facebook Strategy And KPIs For Your Brand and How to get more facebook engagements to your new brand.
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