Facebook Job Listing Feature Now Allows Companies to Post Job Listings

facebook job listing posting

LinkedIn might have reason to worry about this new Facebook Job listing feature.

Now you might need not wander around LinkedIn, and another job listing sites for career opportunities as Facebook Now Allows Companies to Post Job Listing on their Facebook fan pages. Facebook job listing feature will be starting with Canada and US in the next coming weeks. Facebook as the world largest social network not only introduces Facebook job listing but also resolving the problem of the job seekers as well as HR’s to look for the best people around.

The Facebook job listing process is too simple to apply for the job as it can automatically fill up the form feting the data from your profile and allows you to connect through your employer via Facebook Messenger.

This new Facebook job listing now allow you to look for more suitable jobs according to your skills, even not always for the reasons you might like. Facebook Job listing will be shown in your news feed if you liked any company’s page and in return, companies can sponsor their job listing posts to get more post reach. Also, if you are exclusively looking just for jobs, then there will be a dedicated jobs section on both the Facebook app as well as the web.

Undoubtedly, Facebook wants to gain traction of yours from other professional networks like LinkedIn and other job listing sites. Also, it will be a hard hammer for the Microsoft acquiring LinkedIn as most of the people may find Facebook as an easy communication. Also, the slogan is still famous, and it’s “Facebook For All.” As Facebook talks with Business Insider that companies are already creating unofficial job postings on Facebook, mostly via groups and we are just making it formal for the job seekers as well as employers to have a direct connection between them.

Facebook job listing seems cool to us, But most important is that what you think about it, Don’t let your views die inside you. Let us know in comments.

Source: Facebook Business

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