Facebook Will Soon Add a New ‘Explore’ Feature Similar to Instagram

New facebook feature will filter out content to give you more preferential posts.

Facebook want to give you a new feature. In the Facebook Beta version released for Android and now for iOS, the Social Giant has added a new feature called ‘Explore’ very much similar to Instagram ‘search.’

The Facebook beta version is now divided into a ‘Home’ page and an ‘Explore’ page. While the Home page is your regular news feed that we all used to have, the ‘Explore’ tab features videos, photos, and post based on your interests, all the contents in the Explore tab is from the pages, you have not liked or follows. Seems More like a sweet cake for marketing contents.

Facebook wants to make separate places for these articles, videos, photos that have been popping as recommended and the ones which you have followed. Perhaps it’s a way to filter them out for better user experience on Facebook. So, after this feature, the news feed will remain less cluttered from things Facebook wants you to like based on what it thinks to your preference.

Explore Tab Vs Home Tab

You can also say that Explore tab is Facebook’s new way of making the user to consume more contents. Now, the user will watch more videos, and of course, memes. The new tab will show videos and photos that have been watched by your friends. And the other hand, the Home tab will remain your personalized space. Providing you posts from pages that you have been followed.

Twitter has the same feature

Micro-blogging app Twitter has a similar feature where it features tweets from the people you don’t follow. Facebook-owned Instagram also has this similar feature too.

explore instagram facebook

Credit: daily mail

Since the new ‘Explore’ tab is released on Beta version of the Facebook app it will be soon available for regular users after the successful testing is done.

Recently, Facebook-owned Whatsapp also updated with a similar feature to Instagram called ‘Story’ by replacing the status feature. It seems like Mark Zuckerberg is seriously focused on the unification of all apps.

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