12 fascinating Dressing Tips For Working Women During Monsoons

Monsoon may spread romance in the movies and books, but in reality it's anonymous with terribly stained clothes. The puddles and the muck are part of the season but so is vibrant fashion. One has to walk hand in hand with fashion and trend and women never go out of beat in terms of fashionable clothes, makeup, accessories, etc.
Here are the dressing tips that every working women should know :

1.) Carry a bright and colourful umbrella

Whether it is summers or monsoons, an umbrella is your best friend. A women should enhance the look of their attire with trendy umbrella. One should always choose bright colour umbrella as it makes easy to stand out in this gloomy weather.

2.) Colours

Womens should choose bright and vibrant colours. They should avoid wearing WHITE in the monsoon because white colour clothes get transparent when they get wet and they get stained easily. Try to wear colourful clothes as you will look more stylish in bright colors.

3.) Fabrics

Always wear light and quick dry fabrics like LYCRA, COTTON, SOFT COTTON, POLYNYLON, etc.

4.) Denims

Keep the denims aside because they stick to your skin. In case they get wet, they take more time to dry up and get heavy and smelly.

5.) Footwears

We should avoid wearing leather shoes or sandals during monsoons because they soak water and takes longer time to dry up. So its better to invest in the nice pair of rain friendly rubber shoes and choose a neutral colour and simple design, so that you can pull them off easily. Don't go for flip-flops, or any lose slipper will squirt back the dirt water on your clothes.

6.) Indian Wear

You just need to avoid salwars or patialas during monsoon, instead of that wear short kurtis with smart leggings. Try to avoid long dupattas, rather prefer short scarfs because they are easy to carry.

7.) Trousers

Avoid long trousers as they can get dirty. Try to wear ankle length trousers. You can also wear smart formal skirts like the pencil skirts which try to add more into your personality.

8.) Extra Closet

Try to carry one extra closet with you, may be you need it at the time of emergency.

9.) Wear Simple Outfits

 Try to wear simple outfits like Normal Shirts or Tops.

10.) Makeup

The most important thing of a women i.e MAKEUP. Put waterproof kajal and eye-liner. Try to avoid foundation.

11.) Hair

Try to manage your hair properly. Make a ponytail or braid to control them. Wash your hair regularly to get rid of dirt. You can make use of hair serum as well.

12.) Deep Dresses

Avoid wearing deep cut dresses beacuse they may create problem for you.

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