Doctor Strange wowed us! Marvel’s finest shot so far

The superhero genre takes a new leap with Doctor Strange.

Doctor Strange wowed us! Marvel’s finest shot so far! Inception tricked you carefully, while Interstellar took your breath away with all the mind-boggling things that you can imagine your mind can reach to, or even think of infinitely! This particular space has got extended and even more elongated with a new entry in the cinematic universe-Marvel’s Doctor Strange. At first, let it be a movie with some great visual effects and a good performance by the entire cast. Now, what to look for in this, then? Well, probably the entirety is the completeness, right? So, this is by far, the best from Marvel!

Doctor Strange

A still from Doctor Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch is a good actor, and we all knew that, keeping in mind The Imitation Game, where he imbibed in himself, the spirit of a great scientist and gave a stellar performance for each of us to remember. Ultimately, it was an Oscar nominated one, without a dot of doubt! Here, he is a surgeon, who gets thrashed in an accident and then is revived and transformed into a sorcerer. Marvel knows how to deal with its comic books characters, and the same goes for Stephen Strange the newly introduced superhero in the film. The story is wisely knitted from a view of normality and still being good enough for you to have it in your memory as a shining experience. The chosen star cast is capable of mesmerizing through their wit and expressions that are convincing and believable until the end.

Tllda Swinton

Tilda Swinton as The Ancient One is the perfect choice for the role as she delivers it with ease!

Another excellent point of the movie is Tilda Swinton aka The Ancient One, who portraits the character with the desired zeal and conviction. However, the most important aspect of a superhero movie is always its villain the ultimate antagonist. And this time, Marvel has indeed kept that thing in mind by having Mads Mikkelsen for the role of Kaecilius, the bad guy and a menacing man who wants to destroy the reality from the world. The instincts of a super villain are displayed nicely by Mikkelsen, that keeps the intensity high throughout the movie. Not much to tell about the effects and visual delights, as it’s all just so magnificent.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange consists of some very exciting action scenes that will undoubtedly blow your mind.

The CGI impact has been felt earlier and is always a right choice; though Doctor Strange gives more expandability and shows the real magic of how to use it in a more preferred manner. The visuals are astounding and appreciable with every sequence, being brilliantly ‘crafted.’ Director Scott Derrickson manages to balance and weave an unpredictable plot with unending curiosity. The comparison is inevitable with established films like Thor, Inception, The Matrix Trilogy, and Interstellar.

It feels somewhat fresh, despite being a formulaic one at its very concept of making. It all adds up to a fantastically and visually compelling treat and also resuscitates the caped-crusader superhero genre in some way that has witnessed a massive drought since the last Batman flick came-The Dark Knight Rises by Christopher Nolan. The movie becomes even more significant for Marvel as it is gradually coming close to reveal the much-awaited Avengers: Infinity War, which will establish the already successful studio as an unbiased leader in the superhero universe.

Doctor Strange

The movie also takes you on an enchanting journey of thought provoking magical spells.

Those who are game for some mental and brain thrusting experience, won’t get disappointed either; as Doctor Strange rides on a thought provoking period created by a simplified yet, near-scientific work of filmmaking which dives into the concepts of physics and its various laws. One can also learn a thing or two from the way the fascinating ways of the mind has been showcased. What it can do and achieve and how we perceive the world as it is known to us.

These are some profound questions that arise, maybe in our dreams or in the daylight but get unnoticed in a lot more populated and trivial ideas. Hence, the latest release can be called a more soothing and reviving for both the critics and the audience, combined. Who knows, if it turns out as the biggest grosser of 2016! Good luck Captain America: Civil War! I guess its Marvel vs. Marvel. Till it churns out good movies for the masses, I would wish that this internal tussle continues. Just go guys and watch it now.

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