How To Disable Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisements

Disable windows 10 ads

Windows 10 comes with pre-loaded advertising in bulk. Though when users see Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisement they embedded to buy new released or useful apps, games, and some other services from windows store or Xbox

Whether you buy a new PC or update your PC’s operating system or purchase a new edition from a retailer, Windows 10 comes with pre-loaded advertising in bulk. Though when users see Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisements they embedded to buy new released or useful apps, games, and some other services from windows store or Xbox. Sometimes these ads occupy a lot of space of user desktop screen and start menu so that user feels annoying due to interruption of this advertisements while doing an important work. Though, you can disable Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisement, let’s have a look.

Disable Lock Screen Ads in Windows 10

Sometimes, Windows Spotlight will just show off beautiful wallpapers on the lock screen, but at the same time, it displays advertisements of paid games which attracts users to buy those games from Xbox.

To avoid these ads go to Settings>Personalization> Lock Screen and set the background to “Picture” or “Slideshow” instead of Windows Spotlight. You will probably want to disable the toggle “Get fun facts, tips, and more from Windows and Cortana on your lock screen.”

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disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

How to Get Rid Of the Suggested Apps on the Start Menu of Windows 10?

When you launch the Start Menu, Windows 10 will occasionally show “suggested apps” with installed apps on the system. It is not necessary that all suggested apps are free, they can be paid also and we had seen that Microsoft use this feature to advertise highly paid games from the Windows store. If you are not interested in purchasing them and don’t want to space to be occupied by these unnecessary advertisements then go to Settings > Personalization > Start then toggle and turn off ‘Occasionally show suggestions in Start’ option.

disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

How to Disable Nagging Tips in Windows 10

Windows 10 has helpful “tips” option which suggests you use Microsoft Edge for better battery efficiency and browsing experience. Sometimes these tips also advise users to buy paid apps and other paid services. If you would like to use the own preferred application without interruption of Microsoft nagging tips, you will need to disable this advice. To Disable it you head to Settings > System > Notification & Actions then toggle and turn off the “Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use Windows” option.

disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

Stop Cortana Coming on the Taskbar in Windows 10

Cortana is an artificially intelligent assistant, which let you work fast and efficiently. When you open your computer it will appear on the desktop for help and it also appears on the taskbar automatically so that people use it more and more. If you want to do your work without annoying Cortana then click the Cortana search bar, click the Setting icon, scroll down and disable the “Taskbar Tidbits” option. Now Cortana will not annoy you. After the Anniversary update, you can’t disable it going to setting but you can choose to disable Cortana with a registry or group policy setting at your own risk.

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disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

How to Stop ‘Get Office’ Notifications in Windows 10

Microsoft Office is a paid service. When you buy a computer it does not come with Windows 10. However, there may be regular notification come up to buy Microsoft office. People who do not want to use this service get annoyed by this proper notification. To stop those Get Office notifications, go to Settings > System > Notifications & Actions, scroll down and set notifications for the “Get Office” app to “off”. Another method is to go to start screen by clicking Windows icon and find the Get Office app in your start menu, right-click it, and select “Uninstall”.

disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

Uninstall Candy Crush Saga and Other Automatically Installed App in Windows 10

When you Sign In to Windows 10 for the first time, you will find many pre-installed apps like Candy Crush Saga, Minecraft, Twitter and so on. Some apps and live tiles get add by PC manufacturers that appear installed by default. If you don’t find it necessary then you can remove it following the procedure: click on the Start button and launch Start Menu, Go through the list of all apps and remove those you find useless by right click on that app and select “Uninstall”. If you find any app showing on the live tile but doesn’t found it on the app list that means that this app is not installed on your system so you can’t uninstall it. To remove this app from tile you can unpin it from Start. Basically, these tiles linked to Windows store, encouraging you to install it on your system.

disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

How to Disable Live Tiles in Windows 10

You might have seen some live tiles on the Windows 10 Start Screen, which linked to Windows store or Xbox promoting advertisements of the apps and some paid games. If you want to remove these tiles from Start Screen then select the tile you want to uninstall and right click on that tile and select ‘More’, Choose ‘Turn Live Tile Off ‘. You can also select Unpin from Start by not clicking right click many times.

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disable windows 10 inbuilt ads

So, this is how you can disable built-in advertising on Windows 10. If you have any problem related to the article you can comment below, we will try to fix your issue, Also if you know other methods to remove Ads then don’t forget to suggest your tips in comments to us.

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How To Disable Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisements
How To Disable Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisements
How To Disable Windows 10 Inbuilt Advertisements & how stop seeing inbuilt ads in windows 10 & how to disable ads in windows 10 and disabling windows 10 ads.
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